Fly Me To The Moon Fantasia Is Edible Art Made of Bean Paste

Japanese confectionary store Nagato launched a limited edition, fantastical edible treat, Fly Me To The Moon Fantasia, and even though it doesn’t ship until January 25th. it’s already sold out. Once when you see it, you’ll know why.

Fly Me To the Moon Fantasia Edible Art

Fly Me To The Moon Fantasia Edible Art

The taste of the beautifully crafted treat changes with each slice carved as does the image. Blue birds – wings flapping- and a moon that changes from crescent to full, depending on the piece, turn eating into storytelling.

Made to pair with tea or wine, it is crafted of bean paste and gelatin. It’s flavored for adults with champagne, lemon, cranberry, red bean, walnuts and raisins.

The Package Design

Japanese painter Masuda Reika designed the packaging for the Fly Me To The Moon Fantasia treat.

Visit her website here

images courtesy of Nagato, Masuda Reika, and Roomie

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