Andrej Urem Sculptural Candle Collection

If you’ve been looking for sophisticated candles that are as much decorative sculpture as they are functional, look no further than the Andrej Urem Sculptural Candle Collection by the self-proclaimed poet, sculptor, graphic and product designer. The collection has grown in the past few years and now is available to purchase directly from the designer’s online store.

Andrej Urem Sculptural Candle Collection

The AU Candle Collection has grown quite a bit since first introduced. Now consisting of a larger array of candles in multiple sizes and forms, the collection can be purchased online. Each is handmade with a blend of eco-friendly soy wax, beeswax and lead free cotton wicks, so they burn clean without any soot or residue. The burning time for each candle can exceed more than sixty hours.

About The Collection (in the words of the artist):

How to make a perfect candle?
I embarked on the process of candle making a few years ago. As time passed, the alchemy of the candle making was revealed to me, making me see that each candle possesses its unique individual character, and a life of its own.

The creation of the candles started me playing with different architectural forms. I began the deconstruction of Platonic solids that led me to the discovery of existing sculptural models, that in turn through my vision needed only the inner illumination, which will enrich the imagination and pleasure of its owners.

My candles are livable art pieces. They bring a special joy to both those that give or receive them. It is that thought which gives me a pleasure and motivation in the creation of producing my unique candles.

At first glance, a candle in and of itself can be seen as an uncomplicated product. But, beyond this simplistic observation are some important elements that have to work in perfect harmony. The interactions between the architectonic of the candle, the wick and the wax have to exist in perfect equilibrium to achieve the full potential and magic of the candles.

When the candle prototypes were finished I faced another challenge: engineering production molds. The matrix from which these delicate and beautiful pieces originate are the molds. With the support of 3D technology, computer simulation, and traditional methods of casting I created these diverse ethereal forms.

My candles are hand poured and made out of the best quality ecologically friendly soy wax. The soybeans used are grown in the USA, and the wax made from them is specially blended with palm and beeswax to enhance needed firmness. The flame burns a cylinder inside the core in such a way as to leave the sides of the candle to remain intact, transparent, and illuminated. The burning time of each candle can exceed more than sixty hours.

I am excited to share my creation with you, and am hoping that you will find enjoyment and pleasure in them.

Andrej Urem
poet, sculptor, graphic and product designer

The candles can be purchased in his online store here

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