Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Venn Diagrams and Lists Worth Framing? Damn Straight.

Bar charts, Pie charts, Venn Diagrams and Lists worth framing? That’s right. The spot-on humor of Matt Shirley’s daily charts are infectious and now he’s made them available as art prints.

Charts by Matt Shirley

Hand-scrawled and posted on social media, the daily charts by Matt Shirley are insightful representations of life. A writer who professes to prefer visuals to words, his charts and lists tap into universal truths about everything from the horrors of a first date to speaking with one’s parents on the phone. And they are hilarious.

Matt posted his first on Instagram in May of 2017. Since then he has posted 998 (as of the time this was written) and continues to attempt to create one each day – for as long as he can.

The venn diagrams, bar charts, pie charts, lists and more that illustrate the humor in common everyday life situations quickly went viral and garnered him a large and loyal following of on Instagram, on Twitter and on Facebook.

After mentions on popular sites like Huffpost and Bored Panda, Matt began receiving several requests for prints. Now he’s just opened an online web store and is selling a few of the most popular – with more to come. In most cases, Matt translated his hand-scrawled drawings into typeset versions for the art prints. An example of this is shown below.

First Date Locations chart by Matt as it appeared on Social media
First Date Locations chart by Matt as it is sold

Note that the prints are small, measuring only 8″ x 10″, but I have a feeling that may change in the future. Each is printed on heavyweight, 120lb white cardstock.

An example of a framed print

Signed and numbered (on the back.) 8 x 10, unframed and can be purchased here

Charts by Matt Shirley
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