Fast Food Restaurants Serve Up Jigsaw Puzzles During Quarantine

Fast Food branded jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have been the product of choice for families and the isolated everywhere during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. So much so, that many of the best jigsaw puzzles have sold out already. Given the potential for branding that won’t be thrown in the trash or digested by stomach acids, it makes perfect sense that fast food restaurants have begun offering their own. Here’s a look at McDonald’s, Heinz Ketchup and Arby’s puzzles. Read more

Gorgeous Geode Jigsaw Puzzles Inspired by Natural Agate

Nervous System has been making puzzles since 2012 with a unique cut style they designed based on crystal formation. The puzzle’s pieces grow into each other, interlocking with shapes similar to dendritic crystals or ice formations. After their Infinity Puzzle* went viral in 2016, they decided to expand their puzzle offerings with a new cut style that featured a different kind of interlocking shape. Geode is their latest series of one-of-a-kind computer generated jigsaw puzzles inspired by the formation of agate. Read more

These 20 Contemporary Art Jigsaw Puzzles Will Rock Your World.

Contemporary Art Jigsaw Puzzles

I have a new obsession: Artifact wooden jigsaw puzzles. I wasn’t a “puzzle person” until I saw these. Gorgeously crafted artisanal laser cut wooden jigsaw puzzles that feature the work of some of today’s hippest contemporary artists. Are you ready to see the coolest puzzles ever? Read more

Gift Guide For Mid Century Modern Design Lovers.

Wondering what to get the Mid Century Modern Design Lover for the holidays? You still have time! Here are 20+ terrific options that any enthusiast of the genre would appreciate. From stocking stuffers to home decor, these iconic pieces by the likes of George Nelson, Alexander Girard, Charles and Ray Eames, Kay Bojensen and more range in price and size. Read more

An Insanely Difficult Puzzle For Color Lovers.

1000 Colours puzzle

The 1000 Colours puzzle was designed by artist Clement Habicht and produced in conjunction with Lamington Drive Editions. The challenging puzzle contains individually solid-colored pieces that when assembled represent the full range of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks in the four color ink printing process. Read more