E-Mail Addresses You Wish You Had. Especially If You’re A Fan Of Pop Culture.

Email addresses you wish you had by Rohitash Rao

UPDATED To include 18 more!  Ever wondered how to contact Darth Vader? Or Saul from Breaking Bad? To reach out to The Fonz from Happy Days or send Mr. Burns from The Simpsons a letter? Artist Rohitash Rao did –  and as a result, he cleverly created a Rolodex full of e-mail addresses you wish you had.

E-Mail Addresses You Wish You Had

Characters from popular cult movies and tv shows from the past four decades (with heavy emphasis on the 80s sitcoms) are assigned URLs by hand on an old-fashioned Rolodex. Don’t get confused, these e-mail addresses don’t actually exist except in the mind of Rohitash (“Ro”) Rao and writing to them will not work. It’s also true that those over the age of 30 will be more familiar with most of these fictional characters than those that are younger. And, of course, it’s impossible to miss the inherent irony of giving a cyberspace contact to characters who lived in pop culture long before the internet.

The multi-talented Rao is also the artist behind TrashART.   Hand-painting and decorating smashed cans, paper cups, fast food containers and other items usually discarded – turning them into canvases worth keeping. See my article on his TrashART and an interview with him here

venice artblock show invite

If you are in the Los Angeles area on Sunday May 4, you can see more of Rao’s work along with that of other talented folks at the Venice Artblock. Don’t miss it.

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