Great Goodies For A Geek Easter.

Vader Geek Easter Basket w border © IIHIH

Got a geek in your life who’d love a hip Easter Basket? Filled with pop culture, sci-fi, comic and  artsy Easter goodies? From Lego to Star Wars and Labbits to Rabbids,  I’ve got the best items for a great geek Easter right here. Read more

E-Mail Addresses You Wish You Had. Especially If You’re A Fan Of Pop Culture.

Email addresses you wish you had by Rohitash Rao

UPDATED To include 18 more!  Ever wondered how to contact Darth Vader? Or Saul from Breaking Bad? To reach out to The Fonz from Happy Days or send Mr. Burns from The Simpsons a letter? Artist Rohitash Rao did –  and as a result, he cleverly created a Rolodex full of e-mail addresses you wish you had. Read more

HBO’s True Detective Facts, Photos, Quotes, Art, Parodies and Links.

HBO's True Detective facts quotes and pics

Tonight airs the 8th episode and season finale of HBO’s True Detective. An addictive new series that premiered January 12, 2014 starring Matthew McConaughey (as Rustin Cohle) and Woody Harrelson (as Marty Hart) that has caught on like wildfire and spurred numerous online discussions, fan sites, theories and of course, satire. Read more

For The Love of Movies and Dogs: Wrigley At The Movies 2.0

above: Wrigley and his owner recreate a scene from John Hughes’ Sixteen Candles

I came upon this adorable set of images where redditor mmsspp posted pics of their boss, Chris Naka, with his dog Wrigley recreating famous movie scenes compared to the original movie stills. Read more

Pop Culture Carved Crayons By Hoang Tran Will Color You Excited.

Pop Culture Carved Crayons

Although not the first artist to carve images from Crayola crayons, Hoang Tran of Sunnyvale, carves his in even more detailed likenesses than our other favorite Crayon carver, Diem Chau, and adds painted details. And since he is lesser known, his are actually available for purchase at an affordable price. Read more

Meet Two Lovable Guys Who Don Gay Apparel In Some Very Pun-ny Christmas Cards.

Bill & Gregg's Punny Christmas Cards

Although Bill Bowersock Jr. and Gregg Higuchi met in the Le Marais neighborhood in Paris in 1997, they soon learned they actually lived less then two miles away from each other in San Francisco. A coincidence that turned out to benefit them and, as you’ll see from this post, anyone on their annual Christmas Card mailing list. Read more

Nobody’s Sweetheart, Dyna Moe, Captures TV’s Mad Men In Illustrations Befitting The Genre

AMC’s Mad Men is the hot tv show du jour. With multiple Emmy nominations (two wins, including one for Best Drama) and a rapidly growing cult following, it’s been the subject of many a water cooler conversation. Read more