HBO GO Mobile App Ads Hit Home. And The Reason To Watch Away From It.

HBO GO Mobile App Ads

Here’s a new slew of new ads to promote HBO’s HBO GO, their mobile app that allows you to view their shows anywhere.

HBO GO Mobile App Ads

The well-cast commercials, by SS+K New York, show one family watching various scenes from HBO’s own multiple Emmy-award winning series. The scenes from shows GIRLS, Game of Thrones, True Detective, Curb Your Enthusiasm and True Blood happen to filled with r-rated content and suggestive material. Signed off “HBO GO. The best of HBO on all your favorite devices. Far, far away from your parents.” , the spots nail the fact that watching these programs with your family isn’t always exactly enjoyable.

HBO GO: Game of Thrones: What’s He In?

HBO GO: Girls: Awkward Makeout Scene:

HBO GO: Game of Thrones: First Cousins:

HBO GO: True Detective: Faithful Dad:

HBO GO: Curb Your Enthusiasm: Happily Married Parents:

HBO GO: Girls: Your Body, Your Choice:

HBO GO: True Blood: Appreciation:

alignnone wp-image-9793Credits
SS+K, New York
Director: David Shane
Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Hershfield
Copywriter: Richard Tseng
Art Director: Kim Cross
Senior Copywriter: Lindsey Lanpher
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Executive Producer: Ken Licata
DoP: Marc Laliberte Else

Other credits
Editorial: Mackenzie Cutler
Editors: Gavin Cutler and Ryan Steele
Group Account Director: Jennifer Barr

Thanks to my friend Ernie Schenk for bringing this brilliance to my attention.
source: DIGG