Classic 80s Movie Posters Get The Zombie Treatment In the Latest Incarnation By Matt Busch. Plus Some Other New & Notable Additions.

zombified movie posters

You may recall a post I wrote in 2010 where I featured 30 popular movie posters which were Zombie-fied by artist Matt Busch. Classics like Star Wars, Jaws and Breakfast at Tiffany’s received the ghoulish treatment. Since then, a slew of new Zombie versions of beloved 80s Movie Posters (and more wonderful 90s movie posters) have been released.

Zombified Movie Posters

The newest collection (the fifth from Hollywood is Dead) of hand-painted, re-imagined movie posters with a zombie twist focuses on blockbusters that defined the 80′s, like The Terminator (The Termin Ate Her), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Ferris Bueller’s Day of the Dead) and The Breakfast Club (The Breakfast Clump), Prince’s Purple Rain (Prance’s Purple Pain) and The Lost Boys (The Last Boys) to name a few. ”This set of posters was really fun to work on,” comments Busch, “not just because I was an 80′s kid, but because movies had a magic back then that’s rarely seen today.”

Zombified Movie Posters

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off:
zombified 80s movie posters

The Lost Boys:

Three Men And A Baby:

The Terminator:
80s movie posters

Purple Rain:
matt busch illustration

porkys undead satire

Who’s Afraid of Roger Rabbit?
zombified movie posters

For Your Eyes Only:

The Breakfast Club:
hollywood dead

Also worth noting are thesw fun new additions of 90s Movie Posters shown below, Zombified.

Sex And The City:

Twilight Eclipse:

The Sixth Sense:

Shawshank Redemption:

Beauty and The Beast:

Busch first made waves with his undead parodies in 2009 with Zombie Wars(a project authorized by Lucasfilm) re-imagining all 6 Star Wars movie posters with his decrepit vision. Since the original media frenzy, Busch conceived a larger project and the outbreak expanded into an online gallery at

For this 80′s series of zombified posters, Busch has returned to the roots that started it all Star Wars. Busch explains, “When I illustrated the original set, for Return of the Jedi, I chose to parody Drew Struzan’s advance poster, which at the time was still called Revenge of the Jedi.” Since then, Fans have been demanding that Busch re-create the more familiar one-sheet design that was illustrated by Kazuhiko Sano. “Now, one will have the option of collecting a version that’s more of a montage. Together they tell a morbid story, and this completes the saga.”

The other Star Wars film that happened to be released in the 80′s, The Empire Strikes Back, is a fan favorite. The Hollywood-is-Dead version, The Living Dead Strikes Back, is no exception, featuring a zombified Han Solo projecting blood vomit onto an eagerly-awaiting zombie Princess Leia. To commemorate, Busch is re-releasing the poster as a larger, full movie-poster-size print (shown below).

In addition to the posters, Busch has recently struck a licensing deal with Fright-Rags, Inc. to produce high quality full color shirts based on the zombified parodies. One the horizon, a coffee table book is in development, as well as a board game. The Hollywood-is-Dead original paintings are currently exhibited in the ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery in Reston, Virginia. Gallery owner Leslie Combemale states, “Yes, these images are over-the-top, but they are also a love note from Matt to the original artists who created these classics and to the dying art used to make great movie posters.”

Zombified Movie Posters.

To see the available original art, visit all of Busch’s Hollywood is Dead paintings at the ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery here.

To learn more about Matt Busch’s other art, movies, and projects galore, be sure to check out