Classic 80s Movie Posters Get The Zombie Treatment In the Latest Incarnation By Matt Busch. Plus Some Other New & Notable Additions.

zombified movie posters

You may recall a post I wrote in 2010 where I featured 30 popular movie posters which were Zombie-fied by artist Matt Busch. Classics like Star Wars, Jaws and Breakfast at Tiffany’s received the ghoulish treatment. Since then, a slew of new Zombie versions of beloved 80s Movie Posters (and more wonderful 90s movie posters) have been released. Read more

Popular Movie Posters "Zombified" By Matt Busch.

grease zombie detail
above: detail from “Grosse”, Matt’s zombie take on Grease, starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

Zombies keep popping up in popular culture; books, movies, tv series.. and now, in movie posters from classic and cult films by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Rob Reiner and more. If you’re not familiar with Matt Busch and his re-imagined movie poster collection, Hollywood Is Dead, you’re about to see such lovable characters as Holly GoLightly and E.T. rendered as cataract-wearing, flesh-eating, blood thirsty monsters. Read more