The Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit is the Ultimate DIY Project for the Holiday.

Ugly christmas sweater kit

Sure, you can go buy an ugly Christmas sweater to wear to one of the many “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties this season, or you can have one that will blow everyone away BECAUSE YOU MADE IT yourself. That’s right, there’s now The Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit that is both affordable and easy.

UCSK box shots IIHIH

The kit gives you everything you need to make your own custom hideous (or cute, depending upon personal preference) piece of holiday apparel. A cozy knit Red (or Green and Red) 100% cotton crew neck sweater in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL comes with everything you need to decorate, glue and sew. I know this because I made one myself with an Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit I got from Target

Some images of my kit as I began the project:

What you get:
The kit is completely customizable for both men and women, comes in a retro fun box and includes all the decorations below.
• plain 100% cotton crewneck sweater (2 options: Solid Red or Red/Green Colorblock)
plain red and color block sweater IIHIH
• glue
• sewing kit (2 needles and red and white thread)
• white felt (one sheet)
• 8 jingle bells
• 2 reindeer
• 2 snowflakes
•· gold bead necklace
• 4 wrapped presents
• 12 pom poms
• 2 bows
• 2 googly eyes
• assorted ornaments
• pipe cleaners
• stencils
• green glitter gel
kit items
note: the image above does not show the googly eyes or felt that is also included in the kit

I used most all of what came in the kit. I also had some gold glitter and red metallic confetti lying around the house, so I used that too. Nothing else. I thought about doing something clever or edgy but realized that, to me, the ugliest Christmas sweaters are those that take themselves seriously and try to look ‘cute’, so that is what I did. And I did it on my dining room table in an afternoon without making a mess.

Ugly Christmas sweater by laura angled

The snowflakes and reindeer silhouettes come with the kit. I cut out my own silhouettes from the piece of white felt that is included to make Santa, the sleigh and woodland critters, but they do provide stencils. The jingle bells and the large ornaments on the tree are sewn on. Everything else was glued on.

My final butt-ugly Christmas Sweater:
Ugly Christmas sweater by laura 800px

Here are some examples of other sweaters made with the kits:
decorated color block IIHIH

It’s so easy that men, women and kids can all make their own and wear them to some poor unsuspecting neighbor’s Christmas dinner.
Or to one of these fun upcoming events:
Ugly Sweater Run put on by Sam Adams
Santacon NYC
Twelve Bars of Xmas


Only $24.99 for either the Red Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit or the Red and Green Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit

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