Instagrammers Recreate Met Gala Fashions From Home

met gala challenge

It may seem difficult to find a silver lining to 2020. The year, only two thirds of the way through, has brought us every sort of natural disaster, political upheaval and a pandemic to boot. But one thing is for sure: creativity hasn’t waned during 2020. If anything the Coronavirus quarantine has unearthed talents from crafty folks all over the world, many inspired by Instagram challenges.

Best of The Met Gala Challenge

Best of The Met Gala Challenge
@paperstxrdesigns recreated Lily Collins’ Met Gala look from head to toe.

This year there’ve been challenges issued by museums to recreate their artworks, a challenge from Duck Brand to create prom dresses from duct tape, and our favorite, initiated by Vogue and Billy Porter –  a challenge to recreate gowns from the most outrageous red carpet show ever, the Met Gala.

kim kardashion thierry mugler dress recreated
Kim Kardashian’s wet-look dress by @bluetoothgirl was made with packing tape

Tagged with #metgalachallenge talented men and women have taken it upon themselves to recreate their favorite fashions worn by celebrities to the annual ball put on by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Known for featuring the most outrageous and innovative red carpet fashions, students, up and coming designers, housewives and others have used everything from aluminum foil and saran wrap to construction paper and scotch tape to emulate their favorite gowns. More ambitious ones actually used fabric. We’ve pulled together some of those that impressed us the most from Instagram to share with you.

student Karina Bondareva recreates cardi b dress with paper
Cardi B. by @thisiskarina, made of paper
lily collins recreated in paper by paperstxrdesigns
Llily Collins by @paperstxrdesigns
karlo jacobs beyonce gown
Beyonce by @plastiquepussey
Lady Gaga by Franszony
Lady Gaga by @franszony, made of paper
Gigi Hadid Met gala Versace dress by Olivia Mears @avantgeek
Gigi Hadid by @avantgeek
Bella Hadid moschino by Saint Valmot @victoire_saint_valmont
Bella Hadid by @victoire_saint_valmont
Zendaya parrot gown by @gotchacoveredfashion
Zendaya by @gotchacoveredfashion
Janelle Monae dress by @stress.mouse aka Kate R
Janelle Monae by @stress.mouse
Lily Collins' Giambattista Valli @gabbyandthegoldenbikini
Lily Collins by @gabbyandthegoldenbikini

It almost seems unfair to include the great recreations by mom  @sanja_nestorovic_ because she’s so damn good and has done so many. Here are a few of her terrific ones:

Rihanna by @sanja_nestorovic_, made with NYT newspaper
Rihanna by @sanja_nestorovic_, made with NYT newspaper
Adriana Lima dress made with paper and saran wrap
Adriana Lima by @sanja_nestorovic_, made with paper and saranwrap
cara delvigne by sanja nestorovic
Cara Delevigne by @sanja_nestorovic_, made with aluminum foil
jlo dress met gala challenge
Jennifer Lopez by @sanja_nestorovic_

Despite the fact that JLo didn’t wear her famous Versace dress to the Met Gala, the revealing gown was also expertly recreated by Sanja Kosovska Mitrovica (shown below).

instagrammer @sanja_nestorovic_
Jennifer Lopez by @sanja_nestorovic_

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