Instagrammers Recreate Met Gala Fashions From Home

met gala challenge

It may seem difficult to find a silver lining to 2020. The year, only two thirds of the way through, has brought us every sort of natural disaster, political upheaval and a pandemic to boot. But one thing is for sure: creativity hasn’t waned during 2020. If anything the Coronavirus quarantine has unearthed talents from crafty folks all over the world, many inspired by Instagram challenges. Read more

Forget The Boobs, Look At These Bras! The 2014 Fantasy Bras by Mouawad for Victoria’s Secret.

2014 Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bras

I know, it’s hard to look at the actual bras when they adorn the sexy bodies of Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. So here you’ll get a good look at both the incredible $2 million dollar 18k yellow gold sapphire and ruby demi bras as well as the bombshells that go in them. Read more

Nary A Nipple In The New ‘SFW’ 2013 Pirelli Calendar. Here’s A Look At The Models, The Photos and A Behind The Scenes Video.

The 2013 pirelli calendar

For the first time since I began this blog five years ago, I can feature the Pirelli Calendar without having to tag the post with “NSFW”. Read more