Instagrammers Recreate Met Gala Fashions From Home

met gala challenge

It may seem difficult to find a silver lining to 2020. The year, only two thirds of the way through, has brought us every sort of natural disaster, political upheaval and a pandemic to boot. But one thing is for sure: creativity hasn’t waned during 2020. If anything the Coronavirus quarantine has unearthed talents from crafty folks all over the world, many inspired by Instagram challenges. Read more

Kanye’s ‘FAMOUS’ Sculpture: The Inspiration, The Art and Its $4 Million Price Tag

Kanye West Famous Sculpture

Paying homage to 12 of the biggest names in pop culture, FAMOUS, is a mixed media art installation by Kanye West inspired by Vincent Desiderio’s 2008 painting “Sleep” and based on his single and music video of the same name. Read more

A Picture Is Worth A Couple Hundred Thousand Sales. Or Not. The Best and Worst Selling Magazine Covers of 2011.

Ordinarily I try to write original content for the blog and do not reprint an article by another source. However, this article by John Koblin for WWD is a nice informative wrap up (albeit lacking for other variables) on what magazine covers were hits and which were bombs in 2011. Read more