The Pinocchio Faucet In Wood, Chrome or White

the pinocchio faucet

Designed by Bruno Negri Design for Italian brand Emmevi, the Pinocchio faucet combines charm with functionality for an imaginative touch to your bathroom or kitchen sink. Available in four different finishes, the Pinocchio faucet is a durable, figural, high end faucet made in Italy.

The Pinocchio Faucet

the pinocchio faucet

Made entirely of solid brass with exceptional quality inside and out, the different finishes give the modern water faucet a different feel, making it suitable for multiple environments.

pinocchio water faucet four finishes

pinocchio faucet three finishes

The deck mounted faucet has a lever function, just raise his arm to start the water flowing.

water faucet for kids

pinocchio faucet colored wood in situ

The two wood finishes use a high quality veneer style coating to give the effect of real wood. Most whimsical is the Colored Wood version, perfect for kids given its resemblance to the original Disney character.

Pinocchio faucet colored wood & cu

The Natural Wood version is great for any rustic or eco-friendly environment, such as schoolrooms, cabins, craft rooms and tree houses.

Pinocchio faucet natural wood & cu

The White version is streamlined and clean, making it suitable for almost any modern kitchen.

Pinocchio faucet colored white & cu

The Polished Chrome version gives it a futuristic feel. Perfect for the adults who’ve not outgrown the magic of Pinocchio.

Pinocchio faucet chrome & cu

This high end faucet is made in Italy of the highest quality including solid brass body and ceramic disc cartridge inside. The substantial fixture weighs 10 lbs. The moment you take it out of the box and touch it for the first time you immediately feel the high end quality and effort that was put into its creation.

pinocchio faucet boxed

pinocchio faucet dimensions

At present you can find the Pinocchio faucet on sale in all four finishes here.