The Best Designed Bunny Furniture Money Can Buy

best designed bunny furniture 2022

Each year around Easter time, you’ll see lots of fun Rabbit and Bunny inspired home decor and furniture. But a lot of what’s out there are poorly made, novelty pieces, or knock-offs of another brand. This year we decided to hop over those and find the Best Designed Bunny Furniture money can buy.

Best Designed Bunny Furniture

You may not take bunny furniture seriously, but the design and prices of these pieces prove that some people do. We scoured the web for the most authentic and well-made rabbit-referenced furniture for both children and adults and we discovered that, in most cases, the better the piece, the more costly.

Mr. Bunny Bed
covet bunny bed white

This bunny bed is made by Circu, one of Covet House’s brands. Available in white, pink, purple, green, grey, blue and yellow, it’s finished in velvet and has built in overhead lighting in the bent ear.

covet bunny bed pink

W: 172 cm, D: 245 cm, H: 167 cm
W: 68 in., D: 96.5 in, H: 66 in.

Wood, Velvet and LED Lighting

It’s a pricey piece of furniture with some charging over $11,000. USD but we found the pink and white ones for sale at just under $6000 at the links below:

Best Bunny Chairs

Hybrid No.2 Armchair by Merve Kahraman
Merve Kahraman Hybrid No.2 Armchair frot

A sophisticated but playful take on a traditional chair. Available in adult or a child size version, the Hybrid No. 2 armchair has bunny ears, a cream lacquered finish, leather upholstery, fur in the ears and paws for feet. Custom made. Price? $4,900. USD

Merve Kahraman Hybrid No.2 Armchair

W 75cm D 90cm H 136cm
W 30” D 35” H 54”

Buy the adult Hybrid No.2 Armchair here

A “Mini” version of Hybrid No2 is also available (price upon request).
hybrid 2 kids bunny chair

Suitable for all kids aged 4 to 12, the fabric and colors can be customized upon request here.

The Roman Plyus Rabbit Chair
roman plyus rabbit chairs IIHIH

The Russian designer/architect’s minimalist custom made Rabbit chairs are an instant modern classic. Beautifully designed (they look a bit like Miffy), they have a wood frame, LUXE foam and boucle fabric. Suggested retail price is $6200. USD

roman plyus rabbit chairs

Height: 295.28 in. (750 cm)
Width: 35.44 in. (90 cm)
Depth: 35.44 in. (90 cm)

Buy the The Roman Plyus Rabbit Chairs here

Note: Dmitrij Kudin & Laura Malcaite designed a very similar chair in 2017 for Sedes Regia but it’s more squared and slightly smaller. You can see that here

Stefano Giovannoni’s Rabbit Chair
stefano giovannoni rabbit chairs IIHIH

Already a modern classic, Stefano Giovannoni debuted his brand Qeeboo and The Rabbit chair in 2016.  The modern looking minimalist chair can be sat upon facing either way.  You can lean your back against the ears or straddle it, resting your forearms on its ears.

qeeboo gold rabbit chairs
Child and adult size Rabbit chairs shown in gold finish

The polyethylene chair is available in both adult and baby sizes as well as indoor or outdoor finishes. The metal finishes (gold, silver, copper, gunmetal grey and black pearl) are the priciest and for indoor use only. The adult metal rabbit chair costs approximately €1,300.00 ($1413.94 USD) and the baby metal rabbit chair costs €700.00 ($761.36 USD)

metal finish qeeboo rabbit chairs IIHIH

It’s also available in many less expensive finishes, colors, sizes and uses for both adult and children. The Rabbit comes in outdoor versions (and they look so great as outdoor furniture)  for both adult and baby as well as illuminated versions for lamps, bookends and more.

qeeboo white outdoor rabbits
Qeeboo rabbit chairs shown with rabbit tree table

Shop the entire Qeeboo Rabbit Collection here.

Best Bunny Lamps

Rabbit-themed lamps and lighting are plentiful. Most are tabletop versions with a traditional rabbit of brass, resin or plaster, holding onto the stem or whose ears are peeking up from the shade. They look like something for a baby nursery or from your great-grandmother’s house. Not these.

Adjustable Brass Rabbit Ear Reading Lamps
rabbit metal reading desk lamp in situ

A simple addition of ears to a classic brass pharmacy lamp makes for an elegant nod to the bunny in this tabletop and floor version. The manufacturer suggested retail prices are high at $635. and $1366. USD respectively, but we found them at a 60% discount.

metal rabbit floor and desk lamp

Buy the desk lamp for $253.85 USD here.
Buy the floor lamp here.

Peek A Boo Rabbit Lamp
pillowfort peek a boo bunny lamp

This fabulous simple white Peek A Boo Bunny lamp was made by Pillowfort for Target. Published by many a blog and magazine, it’s long since sold out, you can still find them here for $77.88 USD Note: We are not familiar with this online store, so be wary and use your best judgement.

Front Design Rabbit lamp for Moooi
Let us start by saying this lamp is kind of small and emits little light but it’s the first and original hip animal home decor. Designed over 15 years ago for Dutch brand Moooi’s Animal Collection by Swedish design duo FRONT, it made every modern interior designer’s client’s wish lists.

moooi rabbit lamp by Front in situ IIHIH

The polyester Rabbit has a shade made from PVC/viscose laminate on metal frame and uses an incandescent bulb. It hardly emits any light so think of it as a sculpture for the home.

moooi rabbit lamp by Front CU IIHIH
moooi rabbit lamps by Front IIHIH

Diameter 28.5 cm (11.2″)
Height 54 cm (21.3″)

You’ll find a lot of replicas of  this Rabbit Lamp for Moooi, so be careful when buying one online. But you know you’ll get the real thing when you buy it directly from them here.

Worth noting is the whimsical Magician’s Hat and Rabbit suspension lamp we showed you from Karman Lighting of Italy.

So hop to it and start outfitting the house for Easter!