Delightfully Unconventional Light Fixtures from Italy

karman lighting

As Designer and Art Director for Karman of Italy, Matteo Ugolini is behind some of the most unique and unconventional light fixtures you can find for commercial or private residences. Which is exactly what he’d set out to do when he started the brand in 2005 along with CEO Davide Diamantini. And they just keep bringing us more.

Karman Lighting by Matteo Ugolini

Karman Lighting

matteo ugolini with snoob chandelier
Karman Designer and Art Director Matteo Ugolini with the Snoob chandelier

Ugolini and Diamantini started the company in 2005 and since then have succeeded in creating a strong brand known for unconventional, decorative, design lighting with a stable of talented designers including Ugolini. One look at the brand’s designs and I was charmed by the whimsy and impressed by the sophistication.

Karman Lighting

Karman Lighting gorilla lamp

Karman Lighting

Karman Lighting Cupido

There are way too many fabulous ones to share them all with you, so here are some of their more unusual designs as well as a few of my personal faves from previous collections.

Bulldog wall light
The Amsterdam

The Amsterdamn, a white or grey wall-mounted ceramic bulldog head, is the latest to join their stable of previously created fun animal wall and table lights such as their Ugo Rilla (gorilla), Marnin (deer) Porcamiseria (Pig), Aprile (fish), Ti Vedo (Owl) and Cubano (Tucan) – all shown below.

animal wall lightd

animal wall sconces

The Binarell wall lamp⁠s, designed by Giorgio Biscaro⁠, are a nod to the old Magician’s trick of sawing a woman in half.
fun wall lights

binarell wall lamps

The Binarell is the perfect companion to the WOW from a past collection which consists of a ceramic rabbit and illuminated top hat.

italian design lighting

bunny in magician's hat

rabbit and top hat suspension lights

The Ottavo is a Dwarf with a flashlight for indoors or out:

outdoor dwarf light

outdoor lights

And then there’s Sherwood and Robin, a charming suspension lamp shaped like an acorn with squirrels descending the cord:
cool pendant lights

squirrel pendant lights

And here’s a quick peek of some of their less whimsical, but equally as impressive, lights:

Central Park Sconce and Pendant
Central Park Sconce and Pendant
Braille collection lighting
Braille collection
Mademoiselle pendant light
Brontolo Karman Lighting
Crash Karman Lighting
Ali e Baba Karman Lighting
Ali e Baba
Notre dame lights from Karman Italia
Notre dame lights from Karman Italia

Clearly, they those at Karman have great energy as well as skills:

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Karman carries many of Matteo’s own designs along with equally interesting fixtures by other designers such as Paola Navone, Giorgio Bascaro, Edmondo Testaguzza, Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo; Sotirios Papadopoulos and Giovanna Colapristi; Bizzari Designs’ Stefano Bizzarri and Claudio Cinti; Baldessari and Baldessari; and Laura Alesi and Silvia Braconi.

See them all here.

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