Kids Are Gonna Go Ape For This Jungle Book-Inspired Playhouse and Gym


This Jungle Book-inspired playhouse and gym would be at the top of my wish list as a kid. It combines all the fun things kids look for when building a fort or a secret hideaway, along with physical activity play and even a place to sleep.

Jungle Book-Inspired Playhouse and Gym

The Mogli Playhouse (I’m assuming the incorrect spelling of Rudyard Kipling’s main character is due to fear of Disney litigation) is a dream come true for any kid. A cool hand built hideout that comes complete with a loft, climbing wall and exercise gym for little monkeys.

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Standing 9.5 feet tall, the playhouse and gym are durably constructed of wood and veneered with walnut and lacquer. Nickel-plated accents and a modern design make the furniture as aesthetically attractive to adults as it is to kids.

indoor playhouse and loft

kid's playhouse

A built-in ladder brings you up to the the pitched roof playhouse with window, perfect for spying. The mattress is included for afternoon naps and cuddles with plush toys.

jungle book-inspired playhouse

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circu playhouse

Below the upper level is space for a desk, chair, toy storage or other furniture. The bunny desk and chair shown here are available separately from the same manufacturer.

children's furniture

The adjoining gym has a climbing wall, monkey bars and both a swing and rings on which to play.

playhouse and climbing wall indoor climbing walls for kids

The Jungle Book-inspired playhouse and gym comes in the sophisticated neutral colors shown here, but other colors are available  – as well as other customizations.

jungle book inspired-playhouse duo hero IIHIH

Width: 256 cm | 101”
Depth: 166 cm | 65”
Height: 290 cm | 114”
Mattress Included: 190 x 90 cm | 75″ x 35.5″

climbing wall for kids
Width: 320 cm | 126”
Depth: 135 cm | 53”
Height: 290 cm | 114”

Walnut Wood Mate, Glossy Laquered, details in nickel-plated, Velvet and Trimming Rope.

Price available upon inquiry.

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