If The Bird Is Dead, Open The Windows!

canairi fresh air monitor

No, it’s not a quote from a movie, it’s how the Canairi Fresh Air Monitor lets you know the air quality within your home isn’t healthy. Surpassing their kickstarter goal by more than $100,000.USD, the Danish-designed device is a smart and simple way to alert you to unhealthy air in your house.

Canairi Fresh Air Monitor

birdie air monitor

Bad indoor climate is an increasing problem all over the planet. Danish Health Authorities recommend you open your windows at least 3 times a day to rid your home of unhealthy toxins but it’s not always easy to remember to do. The intentionally simplified Canairi Fresh Air Monitor will check the air quality within your own home and alert you to open your windows with a simple visual cue. No high tech needed on your end. (Note: this is not a Carbon Monoxide detector, but they may make one soon)

With a built-in sensor, the Canairi® is designed to work like the real canaries once sent into coal mines to detect toxic gasses. If the bird faints – or in this case, drops- the air quality is poor and it’s time for you to open your windows and bring it back to life.

canairi fresh air monitor parts

Canairi® is equipped with a CO₂-sensor. The yellow bird drops when the level of CO2 is higher than 1.000 ppm (the threshold recommended by health authorities worldwide) for more than 10 minutes. When the level of CO2 drops down to below 1.000 ppm again the Canairi will return to standing position. After coming back up Canairi activates a cool-down period of 2 hours to remain in the background and not disturb the user more than necessary.

It’s made of recycled plastic and comes with a wall-mount and a rechargeable battery that will last 3 months before you’ll have to charge it through a USB-cable. *The design is IPR-protected and they have a patent pending.

hans and andreas canairi fresh air monitor

The brainchild of Hans Høite Augustenborg, an award-winning Art Director/ Designer and Andreas Kofoed Sørensen, an M. Sc. in Finance & Accounting, the two childhood friends teamed up with experts in Design, R&D, production, shipping, legal and media to bring the cute fresh air monitor to life.

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Now available as the Birdie Fresh Air Monitor in the US. $189, Buy it here