Angell Electric Bikes designed by Ora Ito are Smart, Safe and Sexy.

angell electrc bicycles by ora ita IIHIH

Super safe, light, comfortable and agile, the cool-looking Angell electric bikes are designed by one of our favorite visionary industrial designers, Ora Ito.

Angell Electric Bikes by Ora Ito

angell electric bikes

We first introduced you to to French designer Ora ïto with his Evomobil, an imagined futuristic vehicle concept designed in collaboration with Citroën and then again with his uniquely designed silicone perfume flacons. Now he’s launched a line of new smart, safe, and sexy rechargeable e-bikes.

Industrial designer Ora Ito with his Angell electric bike
Industrial designer Ora Ito with his Angell electric bike

Touted as the world’s safest e-bike, the nicely designed Angell electric bikes are loaded with smart features for safety, comfort and performance.

angell s edition in silver
The Angell S rapide in Silver

Weighing an ultra light 15.9kg (35 lbs), the bikes have an all-aluminum frame with a carbon fork.

The Angell ebike
The Angell M Rapide weighs 5.9kg with the battery

The Angell electric bikes have an easy-to-read 2.4″ touch-screen display, a fall detect and alert system, smart electric assistance, hyperbolic lights, front and rear indicator lights built into the removable battery, 42″ all-terrain reflective tires, an anti-theft alarm sound and light and an automatic anti-theft locking system.

french electric bike

Angell is fully autonomous. Its cockpit works with no phone. 2,4“ touch screen will allow you to unlock your bike and access all your personalized settings.

ngell ebike readout on silver

angell ebike touchscreen

The compact removable battery has integrated stop lights in the rear and indicators are nicely integrated into in the handlebars.

The bikes are equipped with wide and padded saddles with ergonomic leather wrapped handles for comfort. The hyperbolic lights on the front and rear ensure safety and visibility.

hyperbolic rear and front lights ensure safety and visibility

The electric bikes have an average range of 70km and take 2 hours to fully charge. Thanks to multiple sensors, the bike is able to distinguish the type of terrain on which you’re riding and will assess the best assistance for you to avoid major effort climbing slopes or excessive speeds descending them.

ora ito angell bike

The e-bikes come in two styles; the Angell M Rapide (available in black or silver) and the Angell S Rapide (available in black, silver or green). Both are priced the same (€2,990.00) and ready within 2-3 weeks of ordering.

angell and angell s bikes
Angell M Rapide at top and S Rapide at bottom
three colors of angell bikes
Angell /S  Rapide shown in green, silver and black

Angell M Rapide in Silver:
Angell bike silver IIHIH

Angell S Rapide in Silver:

Angell M Rapide in Black:
angell bike black

Angell S Rapide in Black:
Angell /S in black

Angell S Rapide in Black with custom wood features:
angel s black electric bike

Angell /S Rapide in Green:
Angell S bike in green

They also sell custom accessories for the bike such as wood front luggage carriers, child seats, wooden details and kickstands.

angell bike accessories

Visit Angell to order yours or to learn more.

all images courtesy of Angell and Ora Ito.