A Jet Ski and a Yacht Had A Baby! Check Out The New Jet Capsule.

the jet capsule

The Jet Capsule is a small, aerodynamically designed customizable egg-shaped fiberglass boat designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design that has evolved much since its initial concept in 2009.

The Jet Capsule

the jet capsule

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The Design Evolution, 2009 – 2014:
jet capsule design

The 2014 Jet Capsule is a customizable 7 Meter (23 Ft) boat with a maximum width of 3.50 Meters (13Ft). These proportions make the Italian-designed Jet Capsule more spacious than any other seven meter boat.



The capsules can be outfitted internally to seat up to 9 people or with transformable bed solutions, photochromic, plexiglass or even bullet-proof windows, attachable transformable sunbathing deck, air conditioning, automatic anchors, anti-theft system, live capsule locator, multiple remote and automatic functions and various electronic systems.

Available in 4 designs:

A. (Empty shell/Customizable) However a designer and an architect can follow adapt your idea to create a complete personalized layout on your demand.
B. (Comfort mode) two big side sofas transformable into a triple bed:
C. (Taxi/Bus version) it’s the perfect solution if your Capsule needs to transport multiple passengers. Seats 6 to 9 adults.
D. (Living Jet Capsule) Kitchen, private bathroom, two transformable sofa in a double bed and all the sea you need around you.

Length: 7m – 23 Ft
Width: 3,50m – 12ft

Engine, Color and Design Options:
The engine power is completely customizable to include hydro jet propulsion engine systems (diesel or petrol fueled) ranging from single jet engines of 120Hp to 350Hp or dual engines of 400Hp to 800Hp.

fancy jetski

You can choose from various two color custom paint schemes, Alacantra leather surfaces, various LED color lighting systems, and even pick the color stain of the hardwood floor.

Various LED Lighting sytems:

Made of vacuum-infusion moulding with film in composite and 70% carbon, The Jet Capsule’s leading optional feature is the 100% full carbon shell. Other parts such as the upper structure, central stairway and deck are extremely lightweight – guaranteeing maximum stiffness, efficiency and minimum waste.

The highly advantageous weight/power ratio enables the Jet Capsule to reach a top speed range from 20 to 50 knots (depending upon the selected engine configuration).

This also means that less diesel is needed aboard, producing a positive cycle which makes the yacht less expensive, respectful of the environment and guarantees a large range. An electrically charged power plant version is underway.

Video of the Jet Capsule:

Custom, Branded and Government Jet Capsules:
In addition to designing the Jet Capsule to meet your personal specific needs, it can be customized for many government and branded uses, such as Police capsules, Ambulance and Paramedic Emergency responder capsules, Armored Combat Capsules, as a Party capsule complete with DJ table and loudspeakers for brands like Red Bull, and an Angel Capsule with suntanning deck, back bench and more.

jet capsule italy

Custom “Angel” capsule with suntanning deck:

Custom “Party” capsule with DJ deck:

The Mini Jet Capsule:
A MiniJet Capsule with a seating capacity of 4 people, 1 mini transformable bed, 1 dining table, air conditioner, 250 hp, self-limited maximum speed of 30 knots is also available.

For more information, to customize your own or to order, visit Jet Capsule.