The Anthenea Floating Habitat Just Moved To The Top of My Wish List.

Anthenea Floating habitats

I’m over the Jet Capsule, moving the Arkup Liveable Yacht down a notch and making room for the Anthenea Floating Habitat, a semi-submersible solar-powered luxury suite, at the very top of my Wish List.

Anthenea Floating Habitats

Floating habitat

Looking like a seaworthy UFO, the Anthenea floating habitat can be moored just like a normal vessel and can reportedly remain stable in Force 6 winds of up to 27 knots. It can also be fitted with propulsion and driven with a joystick.

Anthenea floating habitats

luxury toys

The dome-shaped structure, whose original design was inspired by the villain’s lair from the 1977 James Bond flick The Spy Who Loved Me, has a diameter of 31 feet and can be designed for use in various ways.

floating hotel suite

It can be a private floating apartment complete with lounge, kitchenette, bedroom, bath with spa tub and a view of the underwater sea life.


Anthenea view through interior window

round bed in anthenea

anthénea tub

Or the Anthenea can be designed to serve as an on-the-water business suite or spa for hospitality use.

floating architecture

floating luxury suite

Interior Anthenea configuratuons
Anethea’s optional interior configurations

Powered by 100 percent clean energy via the solar panels, it has a saltwater filtration system and a US Coast Guard-approved waste treatment system. Even the structure itself is 100 percent recyclable, so no waste at the end of its lifecycle.

france Anthenea

The Anthenea offers space for either two adults (perfect for a honeymoon) or a family of four onboard. The rooftop, whose options include a bar, spa or seating area, can accommodate up to 12 guests.

floating habitats

According to The Robb Report Anthénea’s best feature is its ability to fuse seamlessly with the marine world. The company describes it as a “lotus flower” as it sits atop the seas and “has no impact on the underwater ecosystem.” It’s also equipped with an innovative anchoring system and sand screw which does minimal damage to the ocean floor.

Anthenea floating habitat

The French company, who first unveiled a prototype of the Anthenea in 2019, expects to roll these out later this year.

Anthenea alcove by the sea

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images and information courtesy of Athenea