Mini Sculptures of 16 Great Film Directors: King Cuts

I wish I could afford even one of these Mike Leavitt sculptures. His King Cuts are 18″ tall sculptures made from wood and polymer clay and impressively carved into the likenesses of his 16 favorite film directors of all time (an excellent selection). Humorously and accurately outfitted with props from their films, he has created 16, several of which are still available for purchase. Read more

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David Ma Imagines If Famous Directors Shot Cooking Videos.

Director and Food Artist David Ma has imagined if famous directors shot cooking videos. #FoodFilms are a series of shorts in which he re-imagines recipe tutorials as if they were directed by four of our favorite directors: Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Bay and Alfonso Cuarón. They are imaginative, entertaining and wonderfully executed. Read more

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Wes Anderson Directs Come Together, 4 Minute Holiday Ad For H&M


It’s a holiday treat. As an enormous fan of the director, I was happy to see that ever hip department store H&M teamed up with agency Adam & Eve/DDB London to hire Wes Anderson to shot their four minute holiday ad in his inimitable style. Read more

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With The Third Release, We Have The Wes Anderson Book Trifecta

I’m an enormous fan of the work of Wes Anderson and was thrilled to learn that the third Wes Anderson Collection book in a series of NY Times bestselling books about his films has just been published. Bad Dads: Art Inspired by the Films of Wes Anderson showcases the best artwork from what has become Spoke Art Gallery‘s annual exhibition of art inspired by the films of the director. Read more

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Anderson, Kubrick and Tarantino’s Directing Styles As Seen by Kogonada.

Directing Styles As Seen by Kogonada

Kogonada is a filmmaker and regular contributor to Sight & Sound. His projects have been featured on NPR, The Atlantic, Canal+ and Der Spiegel, and have screened internationally. He was born in Seoul, Korea. Read more

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Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola’s Prada Candy L’Eau And A Look Behind The Scenes.

To promote Prada’s latest fragrance, Candy de L’Eau, Directors Wes Andersen and Roman Coppola have created a real tale told in three online episodes starring Léa Seydoux. The short film is available as one complete video, but I want you to see it as it was intended.

Strikingly similar to Truffaut’s Jules and Jim, the short film tells the story of a starlet caught between the affections of two young men, while plugging the new fragrance at the end of each episode.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Behind the Scenes:

Actress Lea Seydoux appears in the print ads and in the promotional pieces for the fragrance (shown below) as well as in the film.

The new fragrance is a trinity of white musks, benzoin and caramel, heightened by notes of citrus and oriental florals.

Full Film Credits:
Prada Candy
Wes Anderson
Roman Coppola
Executive Producer:
Lisa Margulis
Executive Producer:
Max Brun
Production Company:
The Directors Bureau
Production Company:
Hi! Production
Juiie Alford
Production Service:
Pioneer Productions
Ezther Repassy
Director of Photography:
Darius Khondji
Production Designer:
Tunde Csaki
Costume Designer:
Judy Shrewsbury
Stephen Perkins

Prada Candy L’Eau

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The Wes Anderson Alphabet by Hexagonall. 18 Minimalist Posters Based On Cool and Quirky Characters From Wes Anderson’s Films.

Wes Anderson Alphabet Posters

Characters from Wes Anderson movies serve as inspiration for Alphabet posters in a minimalist meets Saul Bass style by Madrid designer and Illustrator Hexagonall. Read more

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Minimalist, Modern Re-Imagined Movie Posters By JoE Chiang of Monster Gallery

joseph chiang re-imagined movie posters

Aside from having great taste in movies, Singapore-based artist Joseph Chiang (aka JoE) is a self-professed one-man sweatshop called MonsterGallery. Read more

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Newly Released Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer And Tons Of Never Before Seen Stills!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

One of my personal favorite writers and film directors, Wes Anderson, who directed Rushmore and Bottle Rocket and wrote The Royal Tenenbaums, has reinterpreted the Roald Dahl classic (along with Noah Baumbach), the Fantastic Mr. Fox, into a stop motion animated movie set to be released in the US on November 13th, 2009. There is to be a premiere in London in October. Read more

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