The Intricate Handcrafted Sets from Isle of Dogs

London’s The Store X and Fox Searchlight Pictures presented an exclusive exhibition of the intricately designed, hand crafted puppets and sets from Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson’s latest film, last month.

Sets from Isle of Dogs

Curated by Anderson himself, the exhibition presents approximately 17 intricate sets that make up the city of Megasaki where the stop-motion film, Isle of Dogs, is based. Filming the movie took 2 years and the production involved a staggering 240 different sets, prepped and shot on 44 separate stages, with as many as 27 units shooting at once. It also comprised 130,000 stills.

Sets from Isle of Dogs
Director Wes Anderson and the figures from his Isle Of Dogs

The official trailer for Isle of Dogs:

The sets:

The original puppets of the canine characters who live there and a life-size recreation of the film’s noodle bar are featured as well.

At the life-size recreation of the noodle bar one could purchase Japanese ramen and drinks set the original movie score by Alexandre Desplat (who worked with Anderson on The Grand Budapest Hotel), classic Kurosawa scores and the The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – all featured on the film’s soundtrack.

The life size recreation of the noodle bar served Ramen and drinks:

The exhibit was presented in collaboration with Fox Searchlight Pictures. Photographs by Jack Hems for The Stores.

images courtesy of The Stores and The Spaces

As big Wes Anderson fans, we must confess that Honest Trailers did a superb job mocking his direction in this thoroughly enjoyable video:

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