Anderson Kubrick and Tarantino’s Directing Styles As Seen by Kogonada.

Anderson Kubrick and Tarantino's Directing Styles

Kogonada is a filmmaker and regular contributor to Sight & Sound. His projects have been featured on NPR, The Atlantic, Canal+ and Der Spiegel, and have screened internationally. He was born in Seoul, Korea. One of his fun projects examines Anderson Kubrick and Tarantino’s Directing Styles.

Anderson Kubrick and Tarantino’s Directing Styles

His videos posted on Vimeo are almost always “Staff Picks’ and that’s because they are both informative and entertaining for film buffs as well as the general public.

I’m sharing with you three of his projects that are visual compilations from the work of directors Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino. Each focuses on a central stylistic component of their directing. Wes Anderson’s beautiful symmetry, Stanley Kubrick’s one point perspective and Tarantino’s worm’s eye view.

Wes Anderson “Centered”:

Stanley Kubrick “One Point Perspective”:

Quentin Tarantino “From Below”:

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