13 World Landmarks Made of Chocolate

Master Mirco Della Vecchia, Italy’s foremost chocolatier (or chocolate artisan), produced thirteen world landmarks hand-made entirely from chocolate, with only the use of chisels, for the Chocolate World Heritage Exhibition in Hong Kong. Read more

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Oreos Become Canvas for Colorful Creme Art by Tisha Cherry.

Tisha Cherry's Oreo Art

A few years back I introduced you to Judith G. Klausner, an artist who carved the cream centers of Nabisco Oreos into the likenesses of traditional cameos. Now, there’s Tisha Cherry, another talented food artist who has upped the Oreo ante by using their colored cream centers to both recreate well known artworks and make some of her own. Read more

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Food Art So Impressive, You’ll Feel Full. The Art Toast Project by Ida Skivenes (IdaFrosk).

The Art Toast Project by Ida Frosk

Oslo, Norway based Instagram food artist and enthusiast Ida Skivenes (aka IdaFrosk) uses a dinner plate as a canvas to create original and reproductions of classic art with food. Read more

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Dryer Lint Handroll Anyone? Sushi Sculptures Made With Actual Lint.

dryer lint sushi

Artist Slater Barron works in several different mediums and has created everything from large scale installations to small sculptures. But what caught my eye were her actual size sculptures of sushi handcrafted from real dryer lint. Read more

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Hungry For Art? Sandwiches As An Homage To Modern Artists.

Sandwiches As An Homage To Modern Artistsabove: The Piet Mondrian Sandwich by Brittany Powell

Brittany Powell’s project, Sandwich Art, turns the classic sammy into interpretations of pieces by famous modern and contemporary artists. From Marcel Duchamp to Damian Hirst, cheese, lettuce and condiments are the medium and the bread is the canvas. Read more

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Modern Art Placemats Turn Fine Art Into Food & Win Gold Design Award

Mumok Museum placemats

Erwin Bauer of Bauer Concept and Design created a series of smart, conceptual and functional placemats, shot by photographers Janto Lenherr and Michael Stobl for Vienna’s Mumok Museum of Modern Art Restaurant and hotels. Each design interpreted a famous modern artist’s work as food on a plate, which was then photographed. Read more

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