Artists’ Thanksgiving Meals As Envisioned by Hannah Rothstein.


Artist, writer and jewelry designer Hanna Rothstein has created a series of Artists’ Thanksgiving Meals. Photographic prints that visually illustrate how well-known artists would serve up their own Thanksgiving feasts.

Artists’ Thanksgiving Meals

Using traditional Thanksgiving dinner food, Rothstein arranges corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy, turkey and mashed potatoes into the various artistic styles of such artists as Mark Rothko. Jackson Pollock, Rene Magritte, Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian, Georges Seurat and Vincent Van Gogh. While we have seen others recreate fine art imagery with food on plates such as the talented Ida Frosk and Erwin Bauer, Rothstein brings a more conceptual element to the task, most notably in her representations of the Thanksgiving meals for Picasso, Sherman and Schnabel.

Vincent Van Gogh:

Rene Magritte:

Andy Warhol:

Cindy Sherman:

Georges Seurat:

Piet Mondrian:

Jackson Pollock:

Julian Schnabel:

Mark Rothko:

Pablo Picasso:

The 25 signed, limited edition prints are available for $75 each with %10 of the profits being donated to the SF-Marin Food Bank.

Each print measures 16″ x 20″, except for her Cindy Sherman print, which measures 16″ x 16″. For inquiries, write her at [email protected]

About Hannah:
Hannah photo

Hannah Rothstein creates. Born with a contagious can-do attitude, Hannah doesn’t believe artists should have to limit themselves to one medium. So, she makes paintings, illustrations, jewelry, murals, carefully crafted copy, and a whole lot of good, clean trouble. In addition to all this, Hannah is often employed as a freelance copywriter and editor.

Currently living in San Francisco, Hannah spends a lot time of biking, climbing, karaoke-ing up a storm, telling stories, wearing costumes, spouting puns, and talking to strangers.

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