The Werewolf Legend Bell is Perfect To Work Off That Halloween Candy.

Werewolf Legend Bell

Onnit, who brought us the Zombie Bells, has added more creepy kettle bells to their line-up of fitness gear. Introducing the first of their Legend Bells, The Werewolf, weighing in at 62lb (28kg).

female with werewolf kettle bell IIHIH

male with werewolfe kettlebell IIHIH

Halloween candy is just the beginning of all the fattening temptations that assault us around this time of year. Wait until after Christmas to do something about your holiday weight gain and the task will be even harder.

werewolf kettlebell hero

So why not start now with Onnit’s Werewolf Legend Bell?  The legend of the Werewolf is the primordial reversion from human to Beast. A transformation you can undertake while using this perfectly balanced, and savagely heavy piece of work out equipment.

werewolf kettle bell front and back IIHIH

werewolf kettle bell profiles IIHIH

The Werewolf is the first of the new Legend bells with more to come. Legend Bells are custom sculpted renditions of some of the great legendary creatures of our time. Like all of Onnit’s unusual iron kettle bells, they are 3D scanned for ideal balance with enlarged handles for control and coated with a durable chip resistant finish.

werewolf kettle bell on white IIHIH

Other scary bells from Onnit include their line of Primal Bells which include an 18lb Howler Monkey, a 36lb Chimp, a 54lb Orangutan and a 72lb Gorilla:
Primal bells 2 IIHIH

And, of course, their Zombie Bells:
zombie all four kettlebells IIHIH

The Werewolf Legend Bell, $146.95, buy it here

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