Qloud Shoes: Vegan Leather with Clear Platform “Container” by YRU.

Qloud Shoes

These fun shoes allow you to put anything you want into the platform soles, turning them into a walking art gallery. Fill them with candy, plastic army men, toy dinosaurs, real flowers… or keep them empty. And just walk away.

YRU Qloud Platforms

YRU Qloud Platforms

The Qloud 2091 Platforms by wacky shoe brand YRU have either a black or white vegan leather upper and clear plastic bottom. They have a Velcro-attached footbed with “portal” to insert toys, candy, fun stuff in clear bottom.

qloud black empty and full IIHIH
qloud black overhead IIHIH

qloud platforms

New York fashion blogger, Rachel Lynch (aka ihateblonde) can be seen sporting the Qloud Shoe in white (as well as some other styles by YRU) in her Born2Ride photo editorial
born2ride Qloud white 2 IIHIH
born2ride qloud white IIHIH

Colors: White or Black vegan leather
Dimensions: 3 1/4″ heel and 2 1/4″ platform
Price: $150 USD

Fill these bad boys with anything you like, the options are endless! *filling shown not included

YRU makes several styles of shoes with clear platforms into which you can place little items. Here are all of them:
YRI cloudz shoes

Shop YRU Cloudz Shoes here


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