The Coolest Coloring Books For Grown-Ups Part IV – 40 New Ones!

The Best Coloring Books For Grown-Ups

It’s time once again for a round-up of the best coloring books for grown-ups. A new slew of the coolest and most unusual coloring books available on the market (some aren’t even out yet!).  My Part I, Part II and Part III posts on cool and hip coloring books for adults have been a favorite of my readers and If It’s Hip, It’s Here was due to put out an updated and new version, so here it is.

This collection includes coloring books by such respected artists and writers as Matali Crasset, Charley Harper, Seymour Chwast, Robert Smigel and Ed Gorey, to name a few. Tattoos, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Cannabis and Fetish coloring books can also be found in this collection. Some of these are kinky, even crass, while others are truly artistic and in one case, Zen. Even Unicorns, Steampunk Devices, Desserts, Skateboarders and Gender Bender coloring books made this list.

Some are R-rated, others are G rated, but all of them are creative, imaginative and fun. Most of these have been published within the past two years or are about to be published, in which case they can be pre-ordered. In a few cases, some are older but were not on my first three posts about cool coloring books. These make great gifts, so stock up now for the holidays.

Unicorns Are Jerks: a coloring book exposing the cold, hard, sparkly truth by Theo Nicole Lorenz
unicorns are jerks IIHIH
Unicorns think they’re so great because they’re all mysterious and magical, but they can be real jerks sometimes. This coloring book features eighteen examples of unicorns texting in theaters, farting in elevators, eating your leftovers, and generally acting like jerks.
Buy Unicorns Are Jerks: a coloring book exposing the cold, hard, sparkly truth here

The Existential Coloring Book by Archie McPhee
existential coloring book by archie mcphee IIHIH
This looks like a coloring book for kids, but it’s probably not a good idea to give it to one. This twenty-four page, 8″ x 10-1/4″ (20.3 cm x 26 cm) book is a great gift for philosophy majors or anyone else overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness. Features quotes from existential thinkers, mysterious pictures to color and mildly depressing activities. Comes Bagged.
existential coloring book page samplesBuy the Existential Coloring Book here

The Wuggly Ump and Other Delights Coloring Book by Edward Gorey
Edward Gorey Coloring book IIHIH
The artist Edward Gorey (American, 1925 2000) created a diverse menagerie ranging from Menacing Monsters to Sleepy Cats. One of his creepiest Creatures was an Ump renowned for its Wuggliness. Mr. Gorey drew the Ump, from its ‘little wilful eyes’ to the tip of its snakey tail, and he wrote down its scarey story. The whole thing is here for you to color, along with some other pictures of Cats, a Lion, several Little Girls, and two Ladies in Very Big Hats. You will find twenty-two of Gorey’s pictures in this coloring book. They are shown as small pictures on the inside front and back covers. Sometimes Gorey used color, but quite often he simply drew with black ink. Still, he’d have been curious to see what colors you might add to his drawings.
Buy The Wuggly Ump and Other Delights Coloring Book here

The Hipster Coloring Book For Adults: You’ve Probably Never Colored It
The hipster coloring book IIHIH
If you have a hipster in your life, you can use the Hipster Coloring Book For Adults to help understand this reclusive species. This coloring book also works as a great gift for any hipster of any age, whether a young adult or even a child showing early hipster tendencies. This book is also a gentle and non-confrontational way to show the hipster in your life that you know they are a hipster and you accept them for who they are. Avoid that awkward conversation!*Bonus* This coloring book comes with a free printable pdf version! When you are done with this coloring book, you can print out another to color again, free!
The hipster coloring book2 IIHIHBuy The Hipster Coloring Book For Adults here

The Coloring Book Project: A Collection By 100 Artists From Around The World
by Brett Herman (Author, Editor), Mike DeVries (Author, Editor), Jamie Lee Parker (Editor), Evan Weidner (Editor), Jinxi Caddel (Editor)
Coloring_book_project_1 IIHIH
Artists of all ages are invited to add their own color and creativity to the pages found within The Coloring Book Project: A Collection by 100 Artists from Around the World. This wonderfully imaginative book brings together inspiration and ingenuity from an all-star cast of artists, each contributing their own enchanting sketches, and then handing them off to you to complete with your own touch of artistic magic. With 215 pages of designs to color and activities to execute, colorists can dive into the pages full of tattoo-related artwork and escape to a creative world through their pencils, markers, and crayons. The Coloring Book Project compositions are not intended as tattoo flash, but rather, pay homage to the ink industry and are perfect tools to bring out the artist in you!
coloring book project 1 samples IIHIH
If you’re wondering exactly what age group this coloring book is intended for, we would say “It’s PG.” If your sensitive about your child coloring in artistic skull drawings, or scary faces, this might not be the right coloring book for your child. It’s packed with tattoo related artwork, lots of beautiful roses, birds, anchors, snakes, geisha girls, robots, bio-mechanical designs, etc.
Buy The Coloring Book Project Volume 1 here

The Coloring Book Project, 2nd Edition: A Collection by 185 Artists From Around The World
by Spencer Caligiuri (Editor), Mike DeVries (Editor), Brett Herman (Editor), Jamie Parker (Technical Editor)
coloring book project 2 IIHIH
The second installment of this wonderful book brings together inspiration and cleverness from an outstanding cast of artists. They have contributed their own amazing drawing, giving you the freedom to bring them to life with your own artistic vision. With 400 pages of captivating designs to color and activities to execute, artists can delve into the pages full of inspiring artwork, and break away into an imaginative world. Softcover Book 400 Pages! 8.5 X 11 Published by Memento Publishing A portion of the contributing artists are Greg “Craola” Simkins, Jeff Ensminger, Josh Duffy, Roman Abrego, Justin Hartman, Timothy Boor, Mike DeVries, Mario Rosenau, Cory Norris, Brett Herman, Mike De Masi, Durb Morrison, Don McDonald, Jason Stephan, Sung Song, Steve Morris, Katelyn Crane, London Reese, Monte Agee, Alvin Chong, Frank La Natra, Gary Dunn, Liz Cook, Nick Mitchell, Teniele Sadd, Tim Mcevoy, Nathan Ota and many more!
The-Coloring-Book-Project-2__Buy The Coloring Book Project, 2nd Edition here

The Pixel Coloring Book
Pixel coloring book IIHIH
Pixel boxes make it easy to draw all sorts of things. Just outline your picture, fill in each square, and (ta-da!) you’ve made art. With dozens of activities and illustrations, this fun kids’ coloring book turns every child into an 8-bit wunderkind. Take that, Cubism!
• Just color the blocks for instant art!
• Keeps kids—and artsy adults—busy for hours!
• Paperback; 6 x 8.75 inches; 80 pages; ages 5+
Buy the Knock Knock Pixel Coloring Book here

Colouring Book by Matali Crasset
Matali Crasset coloring book IIHIH
For the exhibition “Blobterre de Matali”, the Centre Pompidou has produced a unique colouring book, in close collaboration with the artist. Adults and children need only give free reign to their imagination in order to create their own universe, their very own blobterre. Matali Crasset, born in 1965, is a french designer.
Buy the Matali Crasset Coloring Book here

Coloring for Grown-Ups, The College Companion
Coloring for grownups college companion cover
From Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen, the duo who brought us Coloring for Grown-Ups, has just published The College Companion. Exams, all-nighters, and crazy roommates can add up to a lot of stress for college students. Now the collegiate set can let off a little steam by indulging in the comfort of a childhood favorite: an activity book packed full of coloring pages, connect-the-dots, paper doll cut outs, word searches, mazes and more–with a healthy dose of wit and grown-up humor.
coloring for grown ups college companion sample pages IIHIHBuy the Coloring for Grown-Ups College Companion here

The Brothers Washburn is comprised of brothers, Adam and Jason (Big Money Rodan) Washburn, and is a family owned and operated business based in Southern California. Color Ink Book is the brainchild of these two visionaries. The book was designed to share their love of the arts and to promote the artists showcased within. To bring their creation to life, they decided to become publishers and through the success of that venture have added toys/collectibles, prints and apparel to the Brothers Washburn line.

Color Ink Book Volume Twenty Two
features covers and works by Jeremy MadL & Attaboy; also features works by MCA, Alex R. Kirzhner, Meagan Rodgers, Scarecrowoven  and J.A.W. Cooper.
Color Ink Book Volume 22 IIHIH

Color Ink Book Volume Twenty One
features covers and works by Shag (Josh Agle); also features works by Jenn & Tony Bot (the Bots), Jim Mahfood (Food One), Jon Chase, Jon Paul Kaiser (JPK), Luchuk, Sugar Fueled and Todd Marrone.
Color Ink Book Volume 21 IIHIH

Color Ink Book Volume Nineteen
features covers and works by Martin Ontiveros, Jason Jecenko, Cody Vrosh and Motorbot; also features works by 3 Sheets, Thom Foolery, Jared Wright, Jared Konopitski, Tom Joyce, Ciou, and Mr. Penfold.
Color Ink Book Volume 19 IIHIH
The Color Ink Books have stunning images and all measure  8.5″ X 11″, are printed in black and white on Vellum book paper with a full color cover.
All of these and more volumes are available for purchase here

The Fetish Coloring Book by Magnus Frederiksen
The Fetish Coloring Book IIHIH
A very NSFW coloring book featuring bizarre and kinky fetishes of all kinds. Color in your own fantasy. Draw your friends in obscure positions. While you’re at it, play “try to find the pussy.” This adults-only coloring book will make you laugh and blush. “The Fetish Coloring Book” contains equal amounts of both naked women and men. It is a perfect gift for nearly every occasion, from Valentine’s Day, to bachelorette parties. Packed with over 50 images, it is a remarkable way to say “I love you” on Grandma’s birthday, your friend’s birthday, your mother’s birthday, your colleague’s birthday, and so on, and so on.
Buy The Fetish Coloring Book here

The Super Awesome Coloring Book
The super_awesome_coloring_book archie mcfee IIHIH
Sometimes being an adult feels a little black and white. The weight of responsibility can make you lose sight of how amazing the world is and you need a charge of colorful SUPER AWESOME! That’s where the Super Awesome Coloring Book comes in. This is just like the coloring books you remember from when you were a kid… except super awesome! Just think how quickly time will pass on that long flight when you pull out this coloring book and a giant box of crayons, and spend a half hour coloring in the ventriloquism page. This twenty-four page, 8″ x 10-1/4″ book has both coloring and activity pages. Featured pictures include Bigfoot, hypnotism, Abraham Lincoln and many more.
Buy the Super Awesome Coloring Book here

Color Me Drunk: A Drinking and Drawing Activity Book by Potter Style
COLOR ME Drunk coloring book cover
For those who are bored of beer pong and have already drunk-dialed all of their exes, this drink-and-draw activity book provides page upon page of novel ways to spend a happy hour (or three).
Whether you’re looking for a coffee table conversation piece or a little companionship at the bar, Color Me Drunk possesses the kind of wry humor and stylish design that will make you look smart and creative (even if your friends don’t have their beer goggles on yet).
color me drunk sample pages IIHIHBuy Color Me Drunk: A Drinking and Drawing Activity Book here

Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Activity Book
official high times activity book IIHIH
From the editors of High Times magazine the world’s most trusted authority when it comes to getting bakedcomes this high-ly entertaining adult activity book packed with stoney-day games and ganja-riffic pastimes. Answering the question, “I’m stoned, what now?” once and for all, readers will be stoked to pack a bowl and test their minds and motor skills with a new diversion on every page. The mind-expanding variety of activities includes weedoku puzzles, toker poker, high-ku poetry, tips for hosting a ganja dinner party, stoner crossword puzzles, and much more. This full-color, fully illustrated collection of green games and good times is an indispensable addition to any bud lover’s library, perfect for 4:20, or any time!
Buy the Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Activity Book here

The 1990s Coloring Book: All That and a Box of Crayons (Psych! Crayons Not Included.) by James Grange
1990s coloring book IIHIH
These coloring pages feature the off-the-hook movies, dope TV shows, all-that music, and rad fashions that made the 1990s the best. So grab your scented markers or neon crayons and add your own flair to these flashes from the past. Packed with mad-fly drawings and awesome trivia about every aspect of that epic decade, The 1990s Coloring Book is da bomb-diggity.
Buy The 1990s Coloring Book here

Evolution: A Colouring Book
Evolution a coloring book cover
This takes the concept of a colouring book and, well, evolves it a bit. As well as colouring in the pages, you can also engage with interactive elements such as flaps to lift, die cut holes and stencils that can be drawn through and decorated. Clear, accessible text explains the concept of natural selection and describes the evolution of life, as told through fossils, from sea creatures, to land creatures, to dinosaurs, to mammals and eventually to humans. Finnish illustrator Annu Kilpelainen is a rising star, one of the 17 artists in the Pick Me Up Selected exhibition at Somerset House, with an exciting raft of upcoming publications and editions. Her bold, dynamic style is exploding with fun, demanding immediate access to the brightest crayons on the market.
evolution sample pageBuy Evolution: A Coloring Book here

Color Me Swoon: The Beefcake Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as well as Beginners by Mel Elliott
color me swoon IIHIH
Color Me Swooon will leave you weak in the knees as you and your pens caress chiseled features and chest hair. Along with coloring, you’ll rate more than sixty gorgeous guys on swoon-worthy-ness, as well as learning what in their lives (beyond their killer looks, duh) makes them so hot. From Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Will Smith to Daniel Craig, Jake Gyllenhaal, and even One Direction, all the heartthrobs are here, and in no particular order. (Except for Ryan Gosling, who is first. Obviously.) So what are you waiting for? Get out your crayons and color those hotties good.
Buy Color Me Swoon: The Beefcake Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as well as Beginners here

Color Me Girl Crush by Mel Elliott
Glamour and gowns and cool girls, oh my!
Color me girl crush IIHIH
From Jennifer Lawrence to Tina Fey, Kate Moss to Kerry Washington, and Twiggy to Audrey Hepburn, Color Me Girl Crush features drawings of some of the world’s most admirable ladies (as well as the ensembles they’re known for)—all for coloring in! You’ll find true-life stories about your favorite It girls, along with fill-in-the-blank activities so you can weigh in on what makes them so darn appealing. Here’s your chance to style some of the loveliest ladies around, while celebrating everything that makes them crush-worthy.
Buy Color Me Girl Crush here

Colour Me Good ARRGGGHHHH by Mel Elliott
color me good arrrgh IIHIH
Here’s the second edition of Colour Me Arrggghhhh!!, the unofficial horror colouring book sensation for adults because all good horror stories end up with a sequel or twelve. With new and updated drawings from a newer, wider range of films. Just don’t forget you WILL need a red crayon for this one!
Buy Colour Me Good ARRGGGHHHH here

Sex Position Coloring Book: Playtime for Couples by Editors of Hollan Publishing
sex position coloring book IIHIH
Thanks to this first-ever interactive intercourse guide, you and your lover can explore exciting new sex positions in an enjoyable, approachable and brightly colored way. Just be sure to stay inside the lines as you learn to be creative between the sheets. Perfect as a bachelorette, wedding shower or birthday gift, Sex Position Coloring Book is as hilariously playful as it is anatomically accurate. With 101 ready-to-color outlines of couples in real sex positions, this is the silliest yet most informative sex book a man and a woman and a box of crayons have ever shared.
Buy the Sex Position Coloring Book: Playtime for Couples here

Between the Lines: An Expert Level Coloring Book by Peter Deligdisch
Between the lines- expert level IIHIH
“Between the Lines” is not your average coloring book. With that in mind, know that it might require a different approach than you are used to or remember from the past. Just be sure to take your time with it, and enjoy the process of whatever you choose to do.
This book contains 22 pieces hand-drawn by Peter, all selected to provide a diverse coloring experience, with varying difficulties based on how you approach each piece.
Whether you use “Between the Lines” as a way to get your creative juices flowing, as a meditative activity, or just because you love coloring, you’re bound to find it a rewarding experience.
Buy Between the Lines: An Expert Level Coloring Book here

Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book by Aye Jay Morano (Author), Andrew W K (Foreword)
heavy metal fun activity book IIHIH
With all the fun of a heavy metal parking lot without the beer stains and moshing, this activity book for kids and adults is an entirely new take on the coloring book genre.
Buy the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book here

The Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book by Aye Jay (Author), Steven Blush (Foreword)
punk rock activity book IIHIH
A fast-paced send up of punk rock’s best bands from the past and present, this fun-filled activity book allows readers to apply Siouxsie Sioux’s makeup, draw Henry Rollins’ tattoos, color the members of Green Day, and complete word searches.
Buy The Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book here

Kama Sutra Sexual Positions: Adult Coloring Book by Speedy Publishing LLC
Kama Sutra coloring book IIHIH
An ancient Hindu text, the Kama Sutra dates back to between 400 BC to 200 AD, and is regarded by many as an authoritative encyclopedia of human sexual behavior, and in specific, a canonical inventory of descriptively named positions and accompanying steps for sexual intercourse and other methods of sensual pleasures for the benefit of both partners. An accompanying adult coloring book to the Kama Sutra might be a valuable study aid, a sort of lab manual if you will, by which sexual inhibitions and or anxieties of one or either partner are lessened by expressive drawing and playfulness.
Buy the Kama Sutra Sexual Positions: Adult Coloring Book here

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: A Delightful Book of Imaginary Footwear for Coloring, Decorating, and Dreaming by Carol Chu (Author), Seymour Chwast (Illustrator)
shoes shoes shoes seymour chwast IIHIH
Legendary artist/designer Seymour Chwast and award-winning book designer/illustrator Carol Chu offer up more than one hundred original shoe designs to color and create. Paired with quotes from philosophers, rock stars, and other deep thinkers, these shoes are the visual interpretation of their words. Simultaneously creative and contemplative, it gives shoe lovers/doodlers much more to think about than should the shoe match the purse. Does it match their style? Their mood? Does it add depth and understanding to these ruminations on what it means to be human? Shoes, Shoes, Shoes offers up a novel and interesting way to look at life and the shoe.
Buy Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: A Delightful Book of Imaginary Footwear for Coloring, Decorating, and Dreaming here

Grumpy Cat Coloring Book
grumpy cat coloring book IIHIH
Do you like to color? Looking on the bright side of life hurts Grumpy Cat’s eyes, so if you’re happy and you know it — go away! Meanwhile, you can color the surly feline in a host of hilariously irritating situations, including holidays (“Feliz Navi-DON’T”), Grumpin’ Around the World (“French? Non!”), and Grumps of the Silver Screen (“The TermiNOtor,” “The Wizard of No,” and “Indiana No and the Raiders of the Get Lost Ark”).
Buy the Grumpy Cat Coloring Book here

Creative Haven Steampunk Devices Coloring Book by Jeremy Elder
steampunk devices coloring book IIHIH
Buzzing with steampunk energy, these mashups of the mechanical and organic worlds present curious machines to color. More than 30 original designs offer imaginative visions of flying machines, locomotives, submarines, watches, spectacles, and other curious contraptions. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Steampunk Devices and other Creative Haven® coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.
Buy the Steampunk Devices Coloring Book here

99 Ways To Die: a Coloring Book for Adults by Mr Christopher Locke
99WaysToDie by heartless machine IIHIH
Some pages are serious. Some pages are silly. But EVERY page is deadly! You’ll find page 99 Ways To Die: a Coloring Book for Adults is made for grown-up people who love coloring, but are tired of filling in childish images. Each page shows someone meeting their doom in a different way. Inside you’ll find: -Crushed Beneath a Car -Eaten by Wolves -Falling From a Ladder -Lung Cancer -Stranded on the Moon -Hypothermia -Poison -Buried Alive -Strangulation -Drowning -Dipped in Acid -Quicksand -Electrocution -Fire -Parachute Malfunction -Starvation -Suffocation -Radiation -Drive-By Shooting and a whole lot more! There are a few fun activities as well, including a maze, word search, crossword, and a matching game! Each page was hand-drawn by artist and art teacher Christopher Locke, author of The Heartless Machine Guide To Drawing. Rediscover your love for coloring with 99 fresh pages of dark humor. This product should be rated PG-13 due to subject matter, however it does NOT contain overly graphic, crude, or overtly sexual imagery. It’s just good clean fun, with an adult topic.
Buy the 99 Ways To Die: a Coloring Book for Adults here

Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Templates for Meditation and Relaxation (A Zen Coloring Book) by Lacy Mucklow (Author), Angela Porter (Illustrator)
color me calm cover and page IIHIH
Our lives become busier with each passing day, and as technology escalates, so does our access to work, obligations, and stress. Constant stimulation and expectation have left us burnt out and distanced from the present moment. “Now” has become something that happens online, not in the space and time that we physically occupy. Color Me Calm is a guided coloring book designed for harried adults. Art therapist Lucy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter offer up 100 coloring templates all designed to help you get coloring and get relaxed. Organized into seven therapeutically-themed chapters including Mandalas, Water Scenes, Wooded Scenes, Geometric Patterns, Flora & Fauna, Natural Patterns, and Spirituality – the book examines the benefits of putting pencil to paper and offers adults an opportunity to channel their anxiety into satisfying, creative accomplishment. Color Me Calm is the perfect way step back from the stress of everyday life, color, and relax!
Get Zen and buy Color Me Calm here

Creative Haven Designer Desserts Coloring Book by Eileen Rudisill Miller
designer desserts IIHIH
The popularity of television shows such as Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and Cupcake Wars attests to a widespread fascination with perfectly decorated desserts. More than 30 original, mouthwatering cake and cupcake designs let everyone join in the fun. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Designer Desserts and other Creative Haven® coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.
Buy the Creative Haven Designer Desserts Coloring Book here

Skateboarding Coloring Book Mass Market Paperback by Magnus Frederiksen
Skateboard Coloring Book IIHIH
Color the history and style of skateboarding! The Skateboarding Coloring Book contains 60 pages and illustrations of authentic skateboarders to color. Skateboarders from all over the world act as models. Street, ramp, downhill and slalom. The Skateboarding Coloring book lets you color the different styles in skateboarding and the development of the fashion over the past 40 years, from the Californian pole skaters and knee-high socks of the 70s to the relaxed, fashion-conscious Brooklyn skaters of the 2000s and daredevil tricks in Moscow. The Skateboard Coloring Book also offers you the opportunity to make your own board designs. The Skateboarding Coloring Book is perfect for all skaters on rainy days, and anyone who hasn’t skated, but has dreamt of it. The Skateboarding Coloring Book lets you get closer to the dream, discover new sides and get ready to take that first step on the board yourself. The pictures in the Skateboarding Coloring Book are inspired by photos taken by skating photographers from the US and Europe, from the 70s to this day.
Buy the Skateboarding Coloring Book here

Tattoo Color-In Postcards Card Book by MEGAMUNDEN
Tattoo color in postcards cover
From the hand of MEGAMUNDEN, here are 20 detachable postcards waiting to be inked by you. Two flash sheets of full-colour stickers are also included so you can customize the drawings of sailors, samurai, and skulls – or send your own message in a bottle to friends and family.
tatoo color in 2 IIHIHBuy the Tattoo Color-In Postcards here

Charley Harper Coloring Book, Vol. 1
charley harper coloring book volume 1 IIHIH
New this year, is another one of artist Charley Harper’s beautiful coloring books. Young artists can create their own colorful originals using American illustrator Charley Harper’s black and white line drawings of birds and other animals. Printed on white paper on one side only, each drawing is able to peel off and instantly stick up on the wall or refrigerator. The back cover shows Harper’s original illustrations in full color.
charley harper animals IIHIHBuy the Charley Harper Coloring Book, Vol. 1 here

Charley Harper Coloring Book of Birds by Charley Harper
charley harper coloring book of birds1
This new Charley Harper Coloring Book focuses exclusively on his delightful and plentiful illustrations of birds. Charley’s beloved birds are gracefully translated here into 32 black-and-white line drawings for young, budding artists to interpret in their own color palettes. As a reference, the back cover shows every one of the 32 images featured in their full color original versions. Each drawing is printed on white paper on one side to help keep markers from bleeding through to another image. Each page is also perforated at the top for easy removal to place your young artist’s artwork on the wall or refrigerator!
charley harper birds IIHIHCharley Harper Coloring Book of Birds

Doctor Who Coloring Book The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
Microsoft PowerPoint - Doctor Who Coloring Book
Doctor Who fans will covet this. A coloring book of the sexy tenth doctor. My heart(s) are beating so quickly.
Download the PDF here

Cannabis Insanity Cool Coloring Book: 20 Cool Images to Color
cannabis Insanity Coloring book cover
Twenty marijuana-themed images to color. This extra-large coloring book features cannabis-inspired pictures selected for their challenging nature and complexity. From “Chronic Christ” to “Dinostonar” and “Cannadragon,” Rockin’ Re’s wild cannabis-inspired images will give you hours of meditative coloring activity. Beautiful and detailed images include: Red Wolf, Owl, Serenity Center, Manitou, Shakedown Street, Lion, Grey Wolf, Hand of Peace, Genesis, Weed Lovers, Manaconda, Om Ma, Symptoms in Some Cephlapods, and more. Cannabis Insanity Cool Coloring Book is printed on thick, high quality art paper. Each image is printed with nothing on the reverse page so your finished artwork is suitable for framing.
Buy the Cannabis Insanity Cool Coloring Book here

The following two coloring books are for children, but they are not the types of coloring books they’d ask for by name. So, as adults, I urge you to consider them because they are a terrific way to educate, empathize and sensitize your children to the real world in which we live.

Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls: A Coloring Book by Jacinta Bunnell (Author), Irit Reinheimer (Author)

The antithesis of the “Dick and Jane” coloring book, Girls Will be Boys Will be Girls is a funny and provocative deconstruction of traditional gender roles. 32 original illustrations with captions like “Calvin, baking is fun and all, but we can make a rad drum set out of these pots and bowls” and “Don’t let gender box you in” offer light-hearted, fun ways to deconstruct gender for both children and adults. The coloring book form is a subversive and playful way to examine how perversive stereotypes about gender are in every aspect of our lives, especially the ones that are so ingrained we don’t even notice. Girls Will be Boys Will be Girls pokes fun at the tired constraints of gender normalcy, and makes it okay to step outside the lines.
girls will be boys 2 IIHIHGirls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls: A Coloring Book

Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon Coloring Book by Jacinta Bunnell (Author); Nathaniel Kusinitz (Illustrator)
sometimes the spoon runs away with the other spoon IIHIH
We have the power to change fairy tales and nursery rhymes so that these stories are more realistic. In Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon you will find anecdotes of real kids’ lives and true-to-life fairy tale characters. This book pushes us beyond rigid gender expectations while we color fantastic beasts who like pretty jewelry and princesses who build rocket ships. Celebrate sensitive boys, tough girls, and others who do not fit into a disempowering gender categorization.
Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon Coloring Book (Reach and Teach)

Now before you get all snarky and tell me I missed some really good ones, you’d better check out my first three posts on Cool Coloring Books first. Better yet, check out our up-to-date Pinterest board with every cool coloring book for grownups imaginable 

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