Zaha Hadid Design Carries On With Stunning Bathroom Designs for Noken.


As big fans of the work of Zaha Hadid, we were thrilled to find an amazing collection of bathroom furnishings: tubs, sinks, mirrors and more designed by the late architect’s company for Noken. Aesthetically in line with Hadid’s inimitable style, the Vitae collection combines avant garde style with functionality.

Vitae Bathroom Collection by Zaha Hadid Design

Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects Director), Christos Passas (Associate Director of Zaha Hadid Architects), Maha Kutay (Zaha Hadid Design Director) and Zaha Hadid Architects CEO Mouzhan Majidi have done justice to the work of the beloved Pritzker-winning Architect who passed away unexpectedly last year. Ironically, the name of the collection means “life” in latin and this new series features elements that remind us of the spectacular designs created by Zaha Hadid.

modern wash basins

Much of the architectural work of Zaha Hadid and her team consisted of flowing, organic forms and fluid lines – much like water, itself. The same applies to the faucets, sinks, mirrors, toilets and accessories in this collection. For this reason it has been named Vitae, because in water is where all sort of life begins.

modern bathroom design

zaha hadid bathroom design

Water is the architect of nature, and due to its movements the most incredible natural creations can be seen worldwide. So is Vitae. A complete bathroom collection whose aesthetic value is out of the question. Dynamic in its shapes and with an avant garde personality, Vitae presents all its elements as essential for the bathroom of the future, which will bring together the most innovative design with the comfort that must be always with such an important bathroom space.

The ample mirror of the collection is equipped with LED lighting. The mirror frame, made of anti-bacterial resin that doesn’t absorb humidity, is lacquered in white gloss. Its organic form keeps the same design as the rest of the collection. It also incorporates an integrated shelf in the mirror frame in which different objects for the bathroom can be placed.

Two options for the sinks: right side and left side. In addition, they can be together with single lower shelves in both directions, with a double lower shelf in the middle or alone. This shelf can go with a towel rail in every format. Following the tone of the collection, the pack is completed with lower shelves that will allow to exploit the maximum amount of space, keeping the harmony amongst all elements. Moreover, the overflow is hidden for a much more natural design. The sinks and shelves are made in the high quality ceramics Noken Ceramic® with ultrawhite finishes, a greater impact resistance and a careful selection of raw materials.

wild bathroom sinks

The basin evokes the water passing. Its conception allows to keep hidden the trap and get a much cleaner design. The ceramic plug provides continuity with the rest of white elements with which a fluid composition is obtained.

zaha hadid bathroom furniture

modern sink designs

The design inspired in the water flow can be clearly seen in the single lever basin, whose organic forms are integrated with the other elements. The innovative opening system stands out seeking balance between ergonomy and design. In addition, Vitae owns an ecological spirit, thanks to the basin mixer which has a flow rate limit of 5 l/m, and the areator holds the American certification Watersense as a warranty for a product which is environmentally friendly.

bathroom fixtures

The bathtub incorporates, in a side, the controls for choosing the temperature and outlet of the water, both through the waterfall or the hand shower hidden inside the bath.

zaha hadid bathtub

modern tubs

zaha hadid design

For the toilet and bidet, Vitae has a central module that incorporates a towel rail and a roll holder, keeping the same design of the collection. Thanks to this, two separate pieces come together to give birth to an organic pack that will be an indispensable part in the bathroom of the future. The wall hung ceramic toilet and bidet have soft-close seat and cover with removable system.

zaha hadid toilet and bidet

The shower column incorporates independent controls that feed the shower head and the handshower. The essence of Zaha Hadid is seen in every single curve of this spectacular piece that will decorate the bathroom and will let us enjoy a relaxing shower at the same time.

Zaha Hadid shower

Noken Vitae Collection

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