UPDATED: Keep Warm While Looking Cool: The Lippi Selk’Bag.

lippi selk bags

Update: Since our original post, Selk Bag Sleep Wear has since been updated and is now available in different colors (all solids) and three variations; kids, lite, and adult.

The Lippi Selk’Bag




Original post:
The Lippi Selk’Bag is a full body sleeping bag that allows mobility while keeping you warm. Lippi Selk’Bag is available in 3 different seasonal specifications depending on your requirements.

Benefits (other than the fact that you look like a cross between the Michelin tire man and an astronaut) are:

  1. Move your legs and arms apart freely
  2. Roll with your Selk’Bag, not in it
  3. Stand without any trouble, walk, cross your legs and your arms, thanks to its reversible zippers.

With a retail price of $149, “the redesigned Selk ‘bag 1 represents tremendous value for our customers who use these bags for everything from camping to hunting to lounging at home” according to Philip Benson, President of Lippi USA.

The second generation of the Selk ‘bag lineup boasts additional features and better overall performance characteristics than its predecessor but sells at the same price point as the older model.

The redesigned Selk ‘bag lineup also includes changes to Selk ‘bag 2 and Selk ‘bag 3 models, which are being enhanced to better serve outdoor enthusiasts who demand superior technical performance.

above: Selk ‘bag 2 shown in green/grey and the Selk ‘bag 3, shown in brown/beige

Where can you buy it?
Shop for Selk’bags here


Lippi USA is the exclusive source for Lippi-brand gear and apparel in the U.S. market. A Santiago, Chile-based maker of technical outdoor gear and apparel, Lippi has been featuring a complete line of outdoor apparel, gear and equipment for nearly 25 years. Combining proprietary technologies, industry-best third-party technologies, and award-winning design, Lippi strives to bring fresh and technically advanced outdoor gear and apparel to the U.S. outdoor consumer.