Designer Strollers For The über Hip Baby: Starck, Kate Spade, Lulu Guiness, Shanghai Tang, Lacoste & Burberry for Maclaren

Designer maclaren Strollers IIHIH

What do hip designers Philippe Starck, Kate Spade, Lulu Guiness, Burberry, Shanghai Tang and Lacoste all have in common? They all design strollers, buggies, and more products for baby in collaboration with Maclaren.

Maclaren has consistently created revolutionary technology for baby strollers, buggies and prams and despite the loss of their founder, Owen Maclaren, continue to do so. In addition to their own nicely designed products, they have several collaborations with the aforementioned designers.

Philippe Starck for Maclaren:

starck for maclaren baby IIHIH

Kate Spade for Maclaren:

spade for maclaren baby IIHIH

Lulu Guiness for Maclaren:

lulu guiness strollers IIHIH

Burberry for Maclaren:
burberry 2 stroller IIHIH

Burberry stroller

Lacoste for Maclaren:
LaCoste stroller maclaren baby IIHIH

Shanghai Tang for Maclaren:
shanghai tang for maclaren IIHIH

Maclaren’s own Leather Collection:

maclaren black leather baby

Maclaren’s special edition real gold plated black leather stroller:
maclarens special edition gold plated buggy

maclaren leather and gold plate special edition copy

above: The Special Edition Maclaren GB type Au gold buggy is sold in fine retailers around the world. Only 20 supple black leather buggies with contrasting gold-coloured stitching are available with luxurious features
They also carry a line of “junior” sized baby equipment for children to play with:

About Maclaren:
It all began in 1965 when Owen Maclaren designed and patented his prototype Baby Buggy — the B-01. The iconic blue and white stripes and aluminium frame imparts a vintage style that is popular and modern today. The revolutionary lightweight, 3D fold design continues to be an important and timeless prototype for the industry.

above: Founder Owen Maclaren

A former test pilot and aeronautical designer Owen Maclaren, created the iconic B01 buggy in the converted stables of his restored medieval farmhouse, Arnold House, in the village of Barby, Northamptonshire in England in 1967.

Based on Maclaren’s knowledge as a retired aeronautical engineer and grandfather, the buggy had to be durable, safe, and lightweight. With a combination of modern materials like tubular aluminum, a durable structure that comfortably carries even a fairly large child, and 3D folding mechanism, the buggy weighed just 3kg/6lbs and fit into the same amount of space as an umbrella. The revolutionary design liberated parents from the bulky pram and quickly became an object of design and desire.


Above and below: So revolutionary was the design, that the buggy is included in Phaidon’s Volume one of Design Classics:

maclaren buggys

Today’s Maclaren Buggys are descendants of the B-01 – from the lightweight frame, durable fabric, and one-hand fold — to the above-industry standard safety features and innovative style.

Maclaren Baby