Poetic TV Ads For Visa and Apple Borrow From Dead Legends.

Two new tv spots, both of whom quote deceased legends in their copy – Visa quoting Amelia Earhart and Apple double quoting (from the movie “Dead Poet’s Society” in which there is a quote from Walt Whitman) – have recently broken on American television. Beautiful and inspiring cinematography accompany the goose-bump inducing copy in both spots.

Visa Olympics “Flying”
This lovely and inspiring spot is the first major work from BBDO since the agency, which lost Visa as a client in 2005, won back the lead creative duties from TBWA Chiat/Day in September, 2012.

The commercial celebrates Sarah Hendrickson and the Olympic debut of Women’s Ski Jumping with the words of a great woman who loved to fly.

The social media segment will use the hashtag #everywhere; a sample post for the Visa Facebook page, referring to the Hendrickson spot, reads: “That’s her #everywhere. Imagine yours.” They further encourage you to “Get inspired with more athlete content at visa.tumblr.com.

Apple, iPad Air “Your Verse”

With a voiceover by Robin Williams taken directly from the movie “Dead Poet’s Society”, this one and a half minute spot from TBWAMedia Arts Lab combines the features and use of the iPad with stunning imagery and ends with “The powerful play goes on, but you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” asks the campaign.

They then encourage you to share your own “verse” at https://www.apple.com/your-verse/

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