Moving Mother’s Day Ads That Will Make You Want Your Mommy.

Moving Mother's Day Ads

It’s Mother’s Day. The marvelously magical, maternal-centric holiday that brings to mind brunch and mimosas, hugs and happiness. Because I am unable to be with my beautiful mother today, this post is dedicated to her.   Read more

The Apple iCup. I Would Buy This In A Heartbeat.

Apple iCup hero IIHIH

Designer, illustrator and 3D Artist, Tomislav Zvonaric (aka DevianTom) of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has conceived an homage to the Apple brand by designing the Apple iCup. Read more

Poetic TV Ads For Visa and Apple Borrow From Dead Legends.

Two new tv spots, both of whom quote deceased legends in their copy – Visa quoting Amelia Earhart and Apple double quoting (from the movie “Dead Poet’s Society” in which there is a quote from Walt Whitman) – have recently broken on American television. Read more

Anki DRIVE. Hot Wheels With A Brain Take Gaming To A Whole New Level.


Anki DRIVE is a racing game like no other. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics to take the best of video games and combine it with the best of physical games. It’s a video game in the real world. It’s real. It’s tangible. You hold the cars in your hand, and the track rolls out on your living room floor. Read more

Hercules XIII – Classic Meets Cool In Scott Eaton’s New Universal Tablet Stand

Hercules XIII Tablet Stand

I thought it would be impossible for Scott Eaton to outdo the cleverness and aesthetic appeal of his Venus of Cupertino iPad docking station, but I was wrong. Behold, his new Hercules XIII Tablet Stand, a great counterpart to his functional female sculpture. Read more

iPad Foosball. New Potato Tech Scores With This Fun Dock and App.

Classic foosball has been brought into the future with New Potato Tech’s Classic Match Foosball for iPad accessory. Powered by the iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 3rd generation, you can work your pull, snake, bank and bread and butter shots, fake out your opponent and deliver the ball into the goal with a resounding “thunk”, all on a table top foosball dock for your iPad. Just like real tournament tables, Classic Match Foosball brings the complete foosball experience to your iPad. Read more

The Steve Jobs Collectible Action Figure Is Back! Get Yours Before Apple Shuts Them Down (Again).

above image composited by If It’s Hip, It’s Here

Remember that amazingly detailed and articulated doll in the likeness of Steve Jobs by Legend Toys of Japan? The one that got a lot of buzz and then the production was quickly shut down? Well, they are back – at least in my inbox. I received an email today that the dolls are now available to order.

above image composited by If It’s Hip, It’s Here

The 12″ doll was sculpted by Takao Kato, whose work includes 1:16 scale and 1:4 scale figures for the otaku market.

above image composited by If It’s Hip, It’s Here

The background (taken from their own site, hence the clunky translation):

On the anniversary of Steve Jobs death. People around the world are remembering him because they were fascinated and moved by his passion and creativity. This also became the idea of ​​making this figure. Our wholehearted design team with astounding technique make this life like high quality 12 inch collectible figure possible. Even his clothing has been reproduced so detailed!! The set also comes with a leather sofa and his beloved “Apple”!!



※iPhone, iPad and other Apple products are NOT included.

※Prototype shown, final product appearance and colours may vary.

On concerns that Apple will force the company to pull the item, Yuichi Kimura of Legend Toys would only say: “We do not have any permission from anyone and we don’t think it is necessary to obtain permission from anyone.”

The wax statue of Steve Jobs at Madame Tussaud’s and the doll:

Steve Jobs Collectible Action Figure is a tribute to the Visionary, Great Inventor and Genius.
Specs: 1/6 Scale Painted with Clothing
1. Glasses
2. Three pairs of hands
3. Sofa
4. apple
Price: US$149.99 (without shipping) $199 (with shipping)
Release Date: End of Mar. 2013

Order yours now here before they shut them down again.

Drowning In Brands. Underwater Rosae Still Life Logo Series by Alexander James.

A series of identifiable and popular brand logos comprised of red roses and photographed underwater using the subtle light distortions of the water’s own energy. From Louis Vuitton to Nike, the rose logos were captured ‘in camera’ without the use of post production, either traditional or digital.


By taking the red roses, a symbol of unrelenting love, and juxtaposing against a deep dark void, London based photographer Alexander James is making a social commentary on how we ourselves are drowning in a society dominated by a reverence towards branding and celebrity.



Louis Vuitton:

Mercedes Benz:




Yves Saint-Laurent:



images courtesy of the artist and Distil Ennui Studio

About Alexander’s work practice in his own words:
“My photographs are always presented ‘as-shot’ without post production either traditional or digital. It is this dedication to ‘in camera’ purity that establishes a predominant focal point for my practice.

The quality of the work and the purity of the process is paramount, distilling elements out with the use of deep blacks; hoping to convey rich layers of meaning in what at first appear deceptively simple images.

Distil Ennui; def… to extract the essence and beauty of life to appease world weariness.”

Alexander James is represented by Pertwee Anderson & Gold