A Drivable Truck Made Of Ice Makes For One Cool Product Demo. (20+ pics)

Here’s a product demonstration that will leave you cold…  -49°C to be accurate. Canadian automotive parts retailer and manufacturer, Canadian Tire, constructed a completely drivable truck made of ice on the frame of a Chevrolet 2500HD to test the limitations of their MotoMaster Eliminator AGM battery. The Canadian Tire Ice Truck was then used in a Canadian television commercial (shown at the end of this post).

Drivable Truck Made of Ice

Canadian Tire Ice Truck

drivable truck made of ice

ice truck canada

ice truck product demo

They froze this battery to -49°C (-52° Farenheit), then used it to start up the ice truck built out of more than 11,000 lbs of ice.

Canadian Tire Ice Truck

The project had numerous challenges. To put 14,000 pounds of ice on a regular truck frame, it had to be welded rigid because if it moves even a fraction of an inch it will crack the ice. And while your ice cubes at home may have a white center because of the air trapped inside, they had to remove all that air so the blocks were crystal clear.

The Canadian Tire Ice Truck even has an ice engraved vanity plate:

And an ice sculpted rear view mirror with an Ice Pine Tree Air Freshener hanging from it:

And ice sculpted side-view mirrors:

More pics:

Drivable Truck Made of Ice

The television commercial that aired in Canada:

And a look Behind The Scenes:

The tools that went into constructing the Canadian Tire Ice Truck:

Once it was all said and done, the ice truck had to be melted, which required a blow torch:

And here’s an artsy time-lapse video (in reverse) of the ice truck….
Melt Video of the Canadian Tire Ice Truck (Extended):

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information courtesy of Canadian Tire