Twenty Limited Edition Snow Globes by Ligorano/Reese Celebrate the History of Art.

Limited Edition Art Snow Globes

Designer and limited edition snow globes certainly have their appeal to the art world in addition to collectors of the shakeable snow-laden water-filled round glass objects.

Limited Edition Art Snow Globes

Conceptual Art

I’ve previously featured the limited edition snow globes and c-prints by artists Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz, the 14 Architect-designed snow globes for the Dansk Architectural center and a series of Seven Deadly Sin Snow Globes by Ligorano/Reese – shown below.

Just this week Artware Editions announced the latest limited edition snow globes (also referred to as water globes, snowdomes and shakies) by art duo Ligorano/Reese. Twenty new signed, numbered and dated snow globes limited to 50 editions each call out specific influential art movements.

The 7.5″ tall by 6″ diameter glass globes are set on black wooden bases and feature the names of 20 different art movements, beginning with Fauvism and continuing through YBA (which stands for Young British Artists), designed to stylistically represent the genres. In my personal opinion, some do it successfully (Bauhaus, Minimalism, Surrealism, Superflat, Video Art) and others, not so much.

The full selection of globes includes the following:

Abstract Expressionism:

Bauhaus snow globe

Conceptual Art:
Conceptual Art

Cubism snow globe

dada snowglobe

De Stijl:
de stijl snow globe

expressionism snow globe

Fauvism snow globe




New Media:
new media

Op Art:
Op Art Snowglobe

Performance Art:
performance art snow globe

Photo Realism:
photo realism

Pop Art:
pop art snow globe

Superflat snow globe

surrealism snow globe

Video Art:
Video Art snow globe


The individual globes are available to purchase for $500 each and ten complete sets of the twenty can be bought for $9,000. Prices subject to change

Every snow globe is hand-made through a laser-cutting and laminating technique developed by the artists. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for fabrication.

Buy the History of Art Snow Globes here