Franck Muller’s "Sparkling Models" iPhone Jackets with Swarovski Crystals for $2,134 each.

above: two of the six Swarovski Crystal- embellished Frank Muller iPhone 4 cases costing $2,143 USD each

When Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Franck Muller created an exclusive case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s as part of their 20th anniversary celebration in early 2011. Blogs like TechCrunch and Trendhunter reported on the very expensive ($1,340.) limited edition titanium iPhone cases inspired by the ornate Byzantine numerals symbolic of Franck Muller’s watches.

above: the Crazy Family Watches by Franck Muller sport the same ornate arabic numerals as on the iPhone jackets

The 6 original models were designed to not only protect the iPhone from the shocks but also offer the special stateliness and playful spirit of Franck Muller watches and jewellery.

above: the first round of Franck Muller Jackets for the iPhone 4

Limited to 500 units each with a total of 3,000 units sold worldwide and sold through Japan’s Softbank, the original models which run $1,339.58 USD. (105,000 Japanese yen), can be bought here.

As if those weren’t special or expensive enough, add some Swarovski crystals and you’ve got “Sparkling Models” of the Franck Muller Jackets for the iPhone 4 and 4S with an even heftier price tag of $2,143.14 USD (168,000.00 JPY).

Below are all the jacket models in the collection with the front of the case shown on the left and the back of the case, on the right:

Buy the Sparkling models here

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Made in Japan

Franck Muller