Timber Meets Timbre. Mobile Log Cabin for Musician Hans Liberg by Piet Hein Eek

Trunk Garden Hut Piet van Eek

Dutch designer and architect Piet Hein Eek designed this fabulous contemporary mobile log cabin (it can be moved on wheels) as a private study for his friend and musician/entertainer Hans Liberg.

Mobile Log Cabin

piet hein eek log cabin day IIHIH

Dutch designer Piet van Eek has built a hut of timber that, when its windows are closed, masquerades as a woodpile. The Trunk Garden Hut was created for his musician friend who admired the technique previously used by the designer for his Tree Trunk Cupboard and asked if he wouldn’t mind building him a workshop with the same type of exterior.

 tree trunk cabinets
The Tree Trunk Cupboard to which his friend was referring. image courtesy of @piet_hein_eek
mobile log cabin
The mobile log cabin is formally called the Trunk Garden House.
Mobile Log Cabin by Piet Hein Eek
musician/entertainer Hans Liberg

“Musicologist and comedian Hans Liberg asked me if it was possible to make the tree trunk cupboard, but much larger in order to function as a workshop. The hut had to be mounted on wheels because it was impossible to get a permit for the place where he wanted it to be, namely right in the middle of a nature reserve.

image courtesy of @piet_hein_eek

We made kind of a study caravan where he could write, read, make music and muse. The use of shutters meant that it could be completely closed, giving it the appearance of a pile of wood on the edge of the forest.” – Piet Hein Eek (book 2)

mobile log cabin

mobile log cabin

piet hein eek log cabin

mobile log cabin details

Interior images:

cabin on wheels

mobile cabin interior

mobile log cabin piet hein eek

the beautiful photos are by Thomas Mayer

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