East Meets West in CeramiX by CTRLZAK

east meets west products

CeramiX = (East + West) ceramics

China has a long tradition in the production of ceramics and especially porcelain. Europe has, for many centuries, tried to copy the Chinese in that field. Nowadays our world is invaded by Chinese products that in most cases attempt to imitate those Europeans… CeramiX is a reflection upon the irony of history through the world of ceramics.

ctrlzak east meets west
above two images courtesy of Domus magazine

After an initial research in the traditional techniques, methods and evolution of both Chinese and European ceramics, the CTRLZAK team identified certain key elements that identify both cultures.

Subsequently the project was divided in two phases: The first involved the acquisition of original pieces of both origins that represented these clue elements identified during the research, then the objects where sliced in half and recomposed bringing together east and west in new unique pieces; the results of this phase constitute the art collection of the project.

The found European and Chinese plates, prior to the project:

ctrlzak east meets west

The sacrifice:
making the plates

The method:

The unorthodox reunion:

The art collection:
ctrlzak east meets west

The second phase is inspired by the experience and the forms of the first creating a brand new collection of plates, bowls and cups in glazed ceramic which constitute the design collection of the project.

The first plate:
The first plate

Katia examining a bowl:
Katia examining a bowl

with ceramics model specialist sig. Mario:
with ceramics model specialist sig. Mario

Giada at work:
giada at work CeramiX


The results:
crtl zak east meets west CeramiX

CeramiX will be presented during Milan Design Week 2010. The collection will be launched during a dinner-event upon invitation at the wine bar “Le Rosse”.

above: Thanos Zakopoulos, Katia Meneghini of CTRLZAK
above: Thanos Zakopoulos, Katia Meneghini of CTRLZAK

CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio is a multidisciplinary team founded by Thanos Zakopoulos & Katia Meneghini operating internationally in the field of contemporary art and design.