The 25 Top Modern Outdoor Grills and Barbeques

25 top modern outdoor grills
PLEK 66 wall mounted gas grill in red from Rocal.

In honor of the Fourth Of July, of fireworks and independence, of good ol’ American barbeques and picnics, I am rerunning a post on the best modern outdoor grills with a few new updates and additions.

25 Top Modern Outdoor Grills

First, five new additions.

The modern and sleek wall mounted PLEK 66 by Rocal, available in red or black:

Also from Rocal, the Palma Jardin, available as a wall mounted or freestanding version:

learn more here.

Focus Creations Sigma, a wall mounted fold up barbecue or grill:

And the Focus Diago, a free standing outdoor grill and fireplace:

learn more about them here.

The Caminetto Wood-U freestanding modern gas grill designed by Andrea Crosetta:

learn more here.

And now, the original twenty:

1. Designer Piet Hein Eek’s steel barbeque:
piet hein eek steel grill
€ 1.054,00 Learn more or buy it here.

2. Jeppe Utzon’s BBQ for Electrolux:

The Electrolux Jeppe Utzon barbeque features premium grade materials including ScotchBrite Stainless and Corian, a battery-operated spark mechanism for each burner, gas shut-off safety system, grill and hotplate areas and a lightweight fabric cover.

The Electrolux Jeppe Utzon barbeque was created by the grandson of the legendary Jorn Utzon and, like the Sydney Opera House, it’s another bold statement in Australian design.
Learn more here.

3. Beltempo:
The Hotwater gas barbeque from Beltempo has a Stainless steel plate structure and details in solid tropical wood Cumaru. Includes grill, butcher’s board and cast iron cooking plate.

learn more here

4. Kalamazoo Grills

above: The Kalamazoo Edo grill shown closed
above: Kalamazoo The Edo grill shown open

Kalamazoo Edo Grill Dimensions: 48.5″W (78″W open) x 31.5″D x 38.25″H
EDO Base Price: $7,495

above: Kalamazoo’s Classic Sculpture grill

Kalamazoo Sculpture Grill Dimensions: 38.25″W x 24″D x 42″H
Sculpture Base Price: $6,495

Both Kalamazoo grills above are available with custom laser-cut stainless steel cooking surface combining your choice of grilling patterns optimized for meat, fish and vegetable grilling and customizable with your initials, logo or other artwork:

above: #1 Dad and letter “B” custom stainless grilltops.

Learn more here.

5. Onafalos by Smartech Italia
The Onfalos Grill has the fun option to add colored Corian petals.

corian flower grill

Made of Corian, the petals may be purchased in a range of six colours to customize Onfalos according to taste and setting. Petals are available in three sizes, one for each model.

Learn more about the Onfalos made by Smartech Italia, here.

6. Fuego grills

Fuego’s 01 and 02 grills are so beautiful, I’d be tempted to put it in the livingroom!
Modern and streamlined, it comes in two sizes.

fuego grills

Fuego is also coming out with a modular outdoor kitchen designed by Robert Brunner.

Learn more about Fuego here.

7. Viteo outdoor
Viteo, who makes some of my favorite outdoor furniture has a minimal modular BBQ that can be a component of their outdoor kitchen or as a freestanding unit.

viteo outdoors
Learn more about it here.

8. Evo’s flattop grills

Evo is a line of professional grills wih round flat grilltops. They have 6 models for the home chef. Learn more here.

9. Luxius grills

Luxius by Newtrend combine stainless with oak and granite for a line of beautiful outdoor grills.

Newtrend has commissioned De Bats architects to design two outdoor kitchens around the Luxius grills. Named the Boretti grills, they are made with stainless steel, oak and granite.
Learn more here.

10. The Grandhall T Grill, a contemporary compact grill, is as pretty on the eyes as it will be on your kabobs.

Learn more about it here.

11. Radius Design
Radius Design makes the following grills, all designed by Ralph Kraeuter.
The sleek Radius Edelstahl Gasgrill.

and their Blitz grills:

And their grilltisch, an outdoor table designed to seat four or six with an integrated grill:

learn more about Radius grills here.

12. Conmoto grills
The sleek and sexy Taurus grill for Conmoto was designed by Michael Seiger.

Made of blackened stainless steel with virtually invisible casters.

The Magic grill designed by Fried Ulber for Conmoto is a straight-lined fireplace and barbecue in one.

Learn more about Conmoto grills here.

13. Encompasso’s Leiro outdoor grills:

The Leiro range of barbeques are created around clean modern design and highly practical features, which include; Leiro barbeques are made in high-grade stainless steel, which is weather proof and requires no maintenance. Massively solid construction; built for a lifetime of use.
Learn more here.

14. Artepuro grills

The HotTower, the Big Meal and the Big Boss are three unusual options for outdoor cooking from artepuro.

learn more here.

15. And of course, Eva Solo’s Gastrononmical Barrel gas grill.

Learn more about it here.

Other grills worth noting:
The Bruce Balcony Grill

The Campfire Grill

Thüros Gas grills

Cook-n-dine grill tables

The Coro grill by Stefan Gallizioli

The Stanley grill by Serafini

Garpa Grills

Wittus outdoor grills

Scottsdale grills

Happy 4th of July!

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