Threadless and Glueless, PACT Products Are Like Luxurious Leather Origami.

Pact leather goods

Beautifully crafted without any stitching, hardware or glue, PACT leather goods; wallets, satchels, tablet sleeves and portfolios are made of premium tanned-leather that is folded and durably woven together. Hand-crafted in Spokane, WA, the collection ages beautifully and is guaranteed for life.

PACT leather goods

PACT-Satchel on table

Composed of five principal pieces, this collection is focused on items you’ll enjoy using everyday. Having benefited from over five years of constant refinement, they are the epitome of minimalist modern leather craft.

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The PACT Wallet:
the wallet

Pact wallet 3

This is the ultimate minimal wallet. It’s hard to get more minimal than ONE—that’s how many parts this wallet has. A solitary laser-cut piece of vegetable-tanned leather, neatly folded and fitted into itself to create a snug protective wrapping for your everyday cards and cash. It is ultra slim, and feels incredibly good in your hand. And since there’s no thread to wear-out or glue to come undone, this wallet will last as long as you will, and only get better with age.

The PACT Satchel:
the satchel



The perfect everyday shoulder bag. Its elegant form and precise detailing make the fact that it is constructed of literally nothing but leather all the more impressive. No buckles or knobs or latches. No thread and no glue. It is made of our premium 7.5oz veg-tanned leather, cut with extreme precision, and tightly woven together with its own adjustable strap. The Satchel is offered in laptop-friendly 13-inch and 15-inch sizes, as well as a tablet-friendly 11-inch option.

The PACT Phone Wallet:
the phone wallet

Pact phone wallet2

This is exactly what its name implies—a minimal wallet that is itself a sleek phone case. Engineered with tolerances down to the half-millimeter, this single piece of laser-cut leather is folded into itself and uses tension to make sure everything fits just right. Perfect for the person who carries a few cards, a small stack of cash, and a phone. This will become the one trusty case you carry everyday.

The PACT Tablet Sleeve:
The tablet sleeve



An elegant leather alternative to the many rubber, neoprene, or plastic options that exist for carrying your tablet. This precision-crafted case eshews stitching and glue entirely, and instead utilizes our unique tabbed seam construciton to create an form-fitted envelope out of a single piece of leather. The front flap can be conveniently rolled and placed under the tablet as an angled rest.

The PACT Portfolio:
the portfolio

PACT-Portfolio light

PACT-Portfolio dark

The portfolio enables you to carry your notebook computer, or just your sketchbook, in style. Precisely constructed of a single large piece of premium veg-tanned leather and accented with a tightly integrated strap, this piece is a joy to hold and carry and will last and be useful long after your computer has become obsolete.

Threadless, Glueless Construction.


For this collection, we use lasers to cut extremely precise patterns, and then weave and fold each piece together by hand. These techniques are strong and durable and involve nothing except leather. No stitched seams. No glue. No buckles, clasps, or zippers. Just premium vegetable-tanned leather and good design.

The PactMark.
PACT binary mark

They’re big on individuality, which is why you won’t find a PACT logo on any of our products. Instead, each piece bears a small engraved mark comprised of 28 open or filled circles. The visual pattern it contains is unique for every PACT owner. It is automatically inscribed onto whatever products they acquire, and is theirs for life.
Fun fact: there are actually 268,435,456 unique visual patterns available with a 28-dot binary grid. So we’re not worried about running out any time soon. 🙂

Heirloom Quality Leather.
heirloom quality leather

They use only the finest quality vegetable-tanned leather from Horween and other USA tanneries. These pieces age beautifully and develop a rich natural patina. We also guarantee them for life and will repair or replace any defect in materials or workmanship.

The back story:
The ideas behind this collection were developed five years ago. Founded by Darrin Griechen and Ben Delaney, Darren couldn’t find a iPhone case that appealed to him. At the time, he was researching the intersection of origami and digital fabrication in architecture. He had the idea to apply this research at a smaller scale by developing a case for his iPhone that would also serve as his wallet. He gave himself a few strict design constraints:

• Create structural integrity using only the properties inherent in the leather.
• Avoid using traditional fastening techniques such as thread or glue.
• Create a design that is beautiful and something one would enjoy handling everyday.

Shortly after, Darrin shared the case with Ben, who encouraged Darrin to sell them online. Ben took photographs and developed a blog and an online store for the endeavor and it was a modest success. Darrin developed the satchel and several other cases over that time period as well. However, after his wife began attending grad school, the online business became too overwhelming for Darrin to handle by himself while also teaching full time. He wasn’t able to give his customers the service they deserved, so he decided to shut down the business.

Ben was a constant design interlocutor helping perfect the designs and coming up with new ideas. Last year, Ben was looking for a new entrepreneurial opportunity, and approached Darrin about starting up the leather business again, but this time in a more sustainable way. After several discussions, the outline for PACT was in hand.

Unfortunately they didn’t receive the funding they’d hoped for on kickstarter, and they’ve closed their online shop that was once taking orders.
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2022 Update: Darren Griechen is now VP of Products + Technology at Green Canopy NODE
Ben Delany is now a photographer and jewelry designer with his own business