Blood-Spattered Lollies and Eyeball Marshmallows! Creepy Treats for Halloween.

Creepy Treats for Halloween

Vintage Confections of Clarendon Hills, IL has the corner on the coolest lollipops and candy.  Best known for their fabulous planet lollipops, they have some wonderfully horrifying treats for Halloween. 

Creepy Treats for Halloween

VC Cats eyes pops

Almost too awesome to give out to Trick or Treaters, you may prefer to display them at your Haunted House, give them as gifts to your favorite Witches, Warlocks and Mummies, or simply enjoy them yourself.  They have a whole new range of creepy treats for Halloween. Spooky confections worth tasting in the form of 3D lollipops, flat lollipops, bite-sized candies and marshmallows with edible imagery of everything from Classic Cult Monster Movies and Serial Killer Icons to the iconic Black Cat and Pumpkins.

3D Halloween Lollipops with Edible imagery:
Creature Eyes:
VC 3d creature eyes lollipops
Serial Killer:
VC 3d_serial_killer pops
3D Cemetery Graveyard Scenes:
3d cemetery graveyard scenes
Halloween Scenes:
3D halloween_scenes lollipops

Flat Halloween lollipops with edible imagery:
Blood Spatter:
VC blood_splatter lollipops
Skull and Bones:
VC vintage skull bone flat lollies
Zombie Apocalypse:
Cult Classics:
VC cult classics flat lollipops

Bloody Skulls, Frankenstein, Pumpkin and Mummy Lollipops:
VC bloody_skulls_ lollipops
VC frankenstein lollipops
VC pumpkin lollipops
VC mummies pops

Bite-sized edible eyes:
bite sized eyeball candies

Marshmallows with edible imagery:
Blood Spatter:
VC blood_splatter_marshmallows IIHIH
VC marshmallow_bugs
VC eyeball marshmallows

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