The Squatting Dog Now Ships Worldwide Because Who Doesn’t Need A Pooping Shiba Inu?

squatting dog-ikimu-inu in pink

Leave it to Japan, purveyors of all that is peculiar, to make a colorful vinyl sculpture of a dog just about to do his business. Made by Ikumu Inu, The Squatting Dog was funded on Kickstarter and became an instant hit with toy and novelty collectors.

The Squatting Dog

squatting dogs in various colors

Now, the company has opened an online shop specifically for overseas orders and the price is far less ($65) than the Japan Trend Shop or other Japanese stores that specialize in selling unique products outside of Japan. worldwide.

squatting dog in pink and greenSQUATTING DOG diagram

Made of Sofubi (a soft PVC vinyl-like material) in Japan, The Squatting Dog (a Shibu Inu) was designed to come in many vivid colors including a limited edition in Geisha Gold – a fleck metallic.

squatting dog in geisha gold

But for now, they are only shipping the Harajuku Kawaii Pink overseas (The Japan Trend Shop does offer the green edition as well, but their price is over 2 times the cost at $152)

Squatting-Dog Pink Shiba-Inu-sofubi

Size: around 165 x 230 x 120mm (6.5 x 9.1 x 4.7″)
Weight: around 250g (8.8 oz)
Materials: PVC

Price: $65.52 USD (prices subject to change), buy him here

Shipping is handled by INTERNATIONAL EMS from JAPAN with insurance & tracking number. All orders can be tracked at the EMS website. Estimated delivery time: 2-7 business days.