Rifle Umbrellas – From Luxury To Novelty

Rifle Umbrellas

Rifle Umbrellas – ranging from $20 to $420 – can be slung over your shoulder with the attached strap, either on the case or on the umbrella itself,  allowing you the freedom to use your hands.

Rifle Umbrellas

rifle umbrella by caroline villard2

The Rifle Umbrella by Caroline Villard is a luxury item. It’s handmade in Sweden’s last surviving umbrella factory. It has a leather strap, wooden handle and brass details.

rifle umbrella by caroline villard open

It’s now named the “Rifle’ umbrella because of the strap that allows you to carry it over your shoulder and keep your hands free, much like toting a rifle in its gunsack. It’s perfect for cycling, taking public transport or texting.

rifle umbrella by caroline villard closed

It has been featured in Monocle and Fantastic Man among others. It’s also one of the most expensive umbrellas on the market at $420. (Note: when initially launched, this umbrella was named the Rain Man Umbrella”)
Buy The $420 Caroline Villard Rifle Umbrella here

Other companies have created ‘novelty’ rifle umbrellas by giving the actual handle a rifle’s stock as well as a strap that allows you to tote the umbrella over your shoulder. These are not made by hand, will probably break after one season, but are much less expensive. They can be purchased by clicking the links below.

The $99 Rifle Umbrella
99$ rifle umbrella

The $21 Home-X® Rifle Style Umbrella
21$ rifle umbrella

The $26 Camouflage Rifle Umbrella
Camo rifle umbrella

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