DinX’s Design Headboards

DinX's Design Headboards

Digital printing has opened the door to several options when it comes to interior design or decorating one’s home. Now you can feature photography, art or typography on functional furniture and home furnishings. DinX’s Design headboards by Jenny Hofmans is another such option. Read more

Storage With Style – Hollo Printed Customizable Decorative Cabinet Options.

Hollo Printed Customizable Decorative Cabinet

Hollo is a storage unit which simply becomes a ‘blank piece of paper’ for international designers and artists who can have fun in transforming it with their own original graphics. Read more

Teo Jasmin Digitally Printed Furniture Combine Artful Images With Classic Styles.

teo jasmin digitally printed furniture

It was time to do an update on the Teo Jasmin digitally printed furnishings for the home. Since the last time I shared her designs with you in Téo Jasmin’s Fun Photo Furnishings, she has added more new imagery and several new products to her line of home decor and handbags. Read more

FieldCandy. Tents Cool Enough To Get Anyone – Even Me – To Consider Sleeping Outdoors.

Filed Candy logo over image

While it’s not quite glamping, FieldCandy tents certainly up the hip quotient to sleeping in the great outdoors. Perfect for Music Festivals, traditional camping and even for a night in the backyard, FieldCandy tents are made in the UK, high performance, hardy expedition tents with classic ‘A’ frame storm tent construction and digitally printed flysheets (or covers). Read more

Oh Yeah, For $950 I Can Sit On Ryan Gosling’s Face! Or Any One Of These 11 Sexy Celebs.

Sit On My face Chairs

Celebrity Photographer and designer Jennifer Graylock offers “Sit On My Face” Chairs, limited edition Art Chairs of Mid-century design with seat covers featuring digitally printed images of her exclusive photographs of 11 sexy famous personalities. The bentwood inspired chairs are signed and numbered and available to purchase.

Read more

Digitally Printed Glass For The Home By Sprinz

digitally printed glass
above: goldfish printed on glass doors turns a shower it into an aquarium

Sprinz of Germany makes lovely glass items for both commercial and residential applications. Etched and colored glass doors, shower enclosures, walls, stairs and more. Now they also have digitally printed glass and as you will see in the following images, it’s a great way to add some color and life to an otherwise traditional utilitarian product. Read more

More Cool Trompe L’oeil Bedding From Snurk.

Trompe L'oeil Bedding From Snurk
above: a portion of the proceeds from Le Clochard and Le Trottoir, the cardboard and pavement photorealistic bedding by Snurk, goes to help the homeless

A ways back, I wrote about some very unique bedding designs by Peggy van Neer and Snurk Bedding, whose proceeds went to support the homeless. The cardboard duvet cover and pillowcases appeared, cleverly, to be made of old cardboard boxes. Read more

Téo Jasmin’s Fun Photo Furnishings

digitally printed home furnishings

Angéline Bailly, creator of Téo Jasmin digitally printed home furnishings, uses cutting edge digital printing and technology to print artistic shots of photographers, designers and graphic artists on tables, lampshades, paintings, small cushions small and large format furnishings.

Digitally Printed Home Furnishings

The photographic subjects are categorized by places (lots of France and New York), Dogs – even donning tiaras (Doggy Queen), the Beatles, Asian Art, Pop Art, Classic and Ethnic Art and photographs, Botanicals and more.

Digitally Printed Home Furnishings

The most recent additions include more images of Italy, San Francisco and Dog Queen.

digitally printed home furnishings
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings - SF Settee
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings - bulldog puppy

I found her chairs (dining, lounge and guest) and settees to be the most fun and desirable. In various styles… with and without arms, black, white or silver, take a look at some of them.

Digitally Printed Home Furnishings - armchairs
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings -bulldog puppy chairs

various examples of lamps, pillows and artwork:
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings - table lamps
Digitally Printed Home Furnishings -  throw pillows

Above: Angeline Bailly

To purchase lamps, throw pillow or art canvases, go to the online french store Homology here.

NOTE: Since this post was first written, Teo has concentrated more on cushions and accessories and less on actual furniture. She has also greatly expanded the line of dog images.