Plexus 3D printed Ping Pong table inspired by Mountain Terrain.

plexus 3d printed ping pong table

This unusual Plexus Ping Pong table (that doubles as a dining table) has a 3D printed steel base and net inspired by a mountain terrain topped with walnut wood, making it as much a piece of art as a dining and game table. Read more

The Woolsey Outdoor Ping Pong Dining Table

Woolsey Outdoor Ping Pong Dining Table

After launching one of the most elegant indoor conversion tables for dining and ping pong, the folks over at Sean Woolsey Studio have finally perfected a version of their stunning indoor Walnut Wood table suitable for the outdoors by utilizing a new material by Formica® called Compact. Read more

Calma e Gesso Adds Elegance To Billiard and Ping Pong Tables

calma e gesso billiard and ping pong tables

Gregg Brodarick of the B<D> Collection teamed up with Adriano Design of Italy to create the perfect duet of Italian style and technological innovation with Calma e Gesso, a brand that creates and manufactures elegant and unique game tables for billiards and table tennis. Read more

The Slice Ping Pong Table is Eco-friendly Table Tennis.

Slice Ping Pong Table

The Slice Ping Pong Table by Snarkitecture is a contemporary-looking, fully functional stylish black table made from eco-friendly materials. Read more

Luxurious Premier Custom Made Table Tennis Tables From Eleven Ravens.

Founded in 2011, Eleven Ravens, LLC is the premier manufacturing company for custom-made table tennis tables in the United States. Eleven Ravens’ use of ultra sophisticated design, as well as its ability to incorporate popular brand images or corporate logos into the base of our table structure, produces a handmade product created by our skilled artisans that is in a class of its own.

Raven (available in Teak or Macassar Ebony):

Theseus (available in Teak, Bamboo or Aluminum):

Targus (available in Padauk, Bamboo, Teak or Aluminium):

Arclight (available in Padauk, Bamboo, Teak or Cocobolo Woods):

The Force ( Made for SAEF’s Ignite The Mind 2012):

Spiderman Limited Edition: Made expressly for The Sport & Art Educational Foundation’s “Ignite The Mind” Benefit, March 2012:

Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man & The Amazing Spider-Man images are © 2012 Sony Pictures Digital Inc. All rights reserved.

Poseidon (concept):

Martini Plexiglass Tables (concepts):

Extraordinary Design:
Bernard Semerdjian, an internationally celebrated graphic designer, serves as the head of the Creative Design Dept. for Eleven Ravens, LLC and is the primary designer for Eleven Ravens’ unique and innovative tables. Specializing in Interactive Digital Interface Design and 3D Imaging, Mr. Semerdjian has been a dedicated table tennis player for the past five years. His love of the game, coupled with his extraordinary gifts as a celebrated designer, has produced table tennis designs unlike anything ever seen before in this field. Mr. Semerdjian is one of the founding members of Eleven Ravens, LLC.

We take great pride in our original designs and the extreme care that goes into the construction of our tables. Each element is carefully hand crafted, sanded, polished and fitted by our skilled artisans. Our table construction takes place in a highly regulated moisture-controlled environment using wood materials that are maintained at an optimum 8-15% moisture level thus ensuring the highest quality product possible.

All Eleven Ravens’ premier tables are equipped with world-class championship table tops. Leisure or recreational tops are also offered on certain tables in a variety of colors.

Pricing information available upon request.

Phone: 310.741.1681

A special shout out to Vicki Mayer for bringing these to my attention!

Modern Concrete & Steel Ping Pong Table Doubles As Indoor/Outdoor Dining Table.

Concrete & Steel Ping Pong Table

James De Wulf of DeWulf Concrete has created a modern new usable ping pong table that also makes for a beautiful indoor or outdoor dining table. Read more

The Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table by Aruliden

The Puma Chalk Ping Pong Table by Aruliden

The CHALK ping-pong table, designed by Aruliden for PUMA redefines the ping-pong table for that after hours athlete. Made by hand, the chalk table incorporates ash wood legs and a ceramic chalk surface. Read more