The Woolsey Outdoor Ping Pong Dining Table

Woolsey Outdoor Ping Pong Dining Table

After launching one of the most elegant indoor conversion tables for dining and ping pong, the folks over at Sean Woolsey Studio have finally perfected a version of their stunning indoor Walnut Wood table suitable for the outdoors by utilizing a new material by Formica® called Compact.

In the past we introduced you to an indoor/outdoor conversion ping pong dining table by DeWulf Concrete for those who like an industrial feel. But if you’re looking for something a little sleeker and more sophisticated, this new version from Sean Woolsey is just the thing.

Woolsey Outdoor Ping Pong Dining Table

As durable as it is beautiful, this new ping pong/conference/dining table utilizes a structural, two-sided laminate that provides endless creative possibilities for fixtures and furniture. Formica® Compact has high strength, impact, water and humidity resistance and can be routed to create different shapes and forms.

More durable than other laminates, it reduces scratching and scuffs, making it the perfect material for the top and legs of an outdoor table, with the same ping pong play as a normal table. Please note that as of now, these tops do not come with a centerline.

The base and net are both steel which has been metalized (sandblasted, sealed with zinc, and then powder coated).

This offers supreme corrosion and rust protection for the outdoor environment. This table would be perfect for indoors too, or a hybrid table based on your needs and the season.

The table is able to transform from a dining or conference table, and in a matter of seconds can be ready for gameplay.

A regulation size steel net is easily mounted/unmounted via quick bolts to the table. The table comes with two custom-made walnut paddles, 3 star Japanese balls.

Formica® Compact has the following certifications: Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified, Greenguard Children & Schools Certified, ANSI/NEMA LD3-2005 Compliant, Class1/A fire rated on FR grades. * Formica® Compact samples available upon request.

108″ x 60″ x 30″ tall (ITTF regulation size)
Lead time is 3-6 weeks depending on Formica Compact stock.

The Woolsey Outdoor Ping Pong Dining Table is $9200.00 (subject to change) and can be purchased here.