Calma e Gesso Adds Elegance To Billiard and Ping Pong Tables

calma e gesso billiard and ping pong tables

Gregg Brodarick of the B<D> Collection teamed up with Adriano Design of Italy to create the perfect duet of Italian style and technological innovation with Calma e Gesso, a brand that creates and manufactures elegant and unique game tables for billiards and table tennis.

Calma e Gesso Billiard and Ping Pong Tables

The brand’s philosophy is embodied in its name – Calma e Gesso – the Italian expression that originated in the world of billiards. It encapsulates that moment of reflection – ‘calma’ – that the player takes before a difficult shot, carefully considering his next move while rotating chalk – ‘gesso’ – on the tip of his cue stick.

calma e gesso crystal billiard table

The brand was launched with their elegant glass crystal interpretation of the classic game of billiards, the Filotto. Followed by a limited recycled wood and glass crystal edition of the Filotto. The third and newest product is their crystal glass version of a ping pong table, the Lungolinea.

Filotto pool table 1Filotto pool table 2Filotto pool table 3Filotto pool table with cue sticks
Cue stick stand:
cue stick standMaterials:
Crystal glass case and table legs
Stainless steel frame and components
Italian slate playing field
Simonis wool top available in several colors
Dimensions: 152 cm X 268 cm X 82 cm 60” X 105,5”
Weight: 600 kg / 1300 lbs

Filotto Wood
Limited to an edition of 15
Filotto crystal and wood billiard tableFilotto crystal and wood billiard table 2Filotto crystal and wood billiard table 3

Lungolinea table 2Lungolinea table 4Lungolinea crystal ping pong tableMaterials:
Crystal glass case and table legs
Metal components
Dimensions: 152,5 cm X 274 cm X 76 cm 30” X 108”
Weight: 400 kg / 880 lbs


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About B<D> Collection (Brodarick Design Collection)
For more than 20 years, Gregg Brodarick has split his living and working time evenly between America and Italy. He collaborates with passionate and skillful artisans across Italy to give birth to authentic pearls of Italian design through a contemporary and ‘human’ approach.

adriano design logoAdriano Design of Italy
Adriano Design studio was founded by brothers Davide and Gabriele Adriano. Established in 1997, the two architects and professors have received much acclaim for their variety of different products, which lend a new twist to traditional products. From their farmer tractor Multifarmer to the ‘re-invention’ of the football table with Teckell’s Cristallino, not to mention the famous ceramic stoves “Stack Stoves”.


images and info courtesy of Calma e Gesso, Adriano Design and B Collection

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