Plexus 3D printed Ping Pong table inspired by Mountain Terrain.

plexus 3d printed ping pong table

This unusual Plexus Ping Pong table (that doubles as a dining table) has a 3D printed steel base and net inspired by a mountain terrain topped with walnut wood, making it as much a piece of art as a dining and game table.

Plexus Ping Pong Table

There are many beautiful and unusual ping pong tables out there and several that double as dining tables. But this is the first we’ve featured with a sculptural 3D-printed base.

Plexus ping pong table

Furniture designer Stelios Mousarris, one of our personal faves, used pictures of terrain from Google Earth to design the mountain-shaped wire base and the wire net which were then 3D-printed in steel.

3D printed ping pong table

walnut wood and steel table

The solid-steel printed base and net add stability and durability to the ping pong table design. The metal base is then covered with a walnut wood top.

3D-printed steel table base

plexus 3d-printed ping pong

By simply removing the detachable printed wire net, the game table transforms into a walnut wood and steel dining table.

ping pong and dining table

Dimensions: 274 cm x 152 x 76 cm
Designer: Stelios Mousarris

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