MEC Pool Mosaics Make Swimming Splashier.

So you’ve seen swimming pool mosaics before. Perhaps a dolphin, a sea turtle or a family of seahorses? Maybe it was a giant fleur de lis or some other element designed to add a regal touch. But if you’re going to add something to your pool other than chlorine, why not make it truly art. MEC Pool Mosaics has taken the swimming pool tile art to a new level with a range of custom glass mosaic pool designs. (more…)

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SplinterWorks Custom Luxury Pool Slides.

Way, way back in 2012 I introduced you to SplinterWorks’ Shoot, a limited edition sculptural pool slide. Then, made of carbon fiber and leafed in silver, the arching outdoor sculpture with unique steps slid you right into the pool in a trajectory that emulated spouting water. And they only made three of them. Now, the same company of craftsmen have launched two more beautiful pool slide designs: The Reflex, and an updated version of the Shoot Slide in a Bronze resin finish. (more…)

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